Google reportedly revealed at a developers’ conference last week that Polaroid, licensed by Empire Electronics, is the latest TV vendor to sign on to use the Google Cast IP streaming platform in 2016 4K Ultra HD LED LCD displays.

According to a report on Techradar Tuesday, the companies reportedly announced that the Polaroid displays will become the second branded line announced as carrying Google Cast streaming platform, following Vizio’s announced use of the technology in some of its 2016 P-, M- and E-series entertainment displays.

Vizio has elected not to include tuners in its Google Cast entertainment displays and therefore cannot legally be called TVs. There was no mention whether the Polaroid-branded Google Cast displays would also omit built-in over-the-air broadcast tuners.

Empire Electronics executives could not be reached for comment.

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Empire Electronics, which holds the license for the Polaroid brand for TV marketing in the United States, reportedly revealed at the Google event that it will begin offering this summer 4K Ultra HD display models in the 43- ($499 suggested retail), 50-, 55- and 65-inch ($999) screen sizes, all using the Google Cast solution for streaming entertainment channels. A 75-inch model is planned to shipped in the fourth quarter at an $1,899 suggested retail.

The models were said to offer 120 Hz refresh rates, but we have not been able to determine if this is “native refresh rate” capability, which would deliver 120 individual frames per second, or an “effective refresh rate,” like Vizio and some other companies cite, using a made up number to denote techniques like flashing back lights and black-frame insertion to simulate the effect of a true native 120 Hz refresh rate. Panels with native refresh rates higher than 60 Hz are typically more expensive to produce and yield better results.

All of the models were said to present 3840×2160 resolution but will not support high dynamic range.

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The Google Cast platform operates much like Google’s Chromecast media receiver dongles. Instead of a traditional Smart TV platform with smart apps stored on the TV, content is streamed from OTT provider (like Netflix) to the TV. Control apps are stored in the user’s smartphone, tablet or laptop/Chromebook. The smart device is used only to control operation and select programming. It does not involve streaming content from the device to the TV.

Google Cast offers access to more than 1,000 Google Cast-enabled apps. According to the Techradar report, Google said the Philips, Toshiba, Magnavox and Westinghouse brands also plan to use the Google Cast platform in the future.

By Greg Tarr


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