PentaxK-1Pentax unveiled Wednesday its long-awaited K-1 DSLR featuring a full frame (35mm equivalently sized) CMOS image sensor and up to Full HD 1080/30p video capture.

The Pentax K-1, which will ship in April at a $1,800 expected retail price, includes a 36.4MP full frame CMOS sensor with in-body 5-axis image stabilization.

It is Pentax’s first full-frame DSLR, and will capitalize on the company’s long collection of K-mount lenses for 35mm cameras along with new lenses designed for advanced digital technologies.

Pentax said the K-1 will offer focus confirmation for old manual lenses and will optimize the Shake Reduction based on the focal length of older compatible manual lenses.

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The K-1 includes 33 available AF points, 25 of which are cross-type for additional accuracy and sensitivity. The LCD monitor adds some unusual tilting and rotating options for added shooting flexibility.

The camera’s Super Resolution mode enables using in-body Shake Reduction features of the sensor to shift the sensor across four shots to deliver an effective 42MPs without the Bayer effect of the sensor. With the camera’s 5-axis SR capability, the feature can be used for handheld shooting.

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The Pentax K-1 also offers built-in GPS and compass that work together with an AstroTrace feature to calculate the movement of the stars for long exposures need for capturing star trails.

Other features in the Pentax K-1 include:

• Pentax’s Prime IV image processor
• 3.2-inch cross-tilt LCD monitor
• Native ISO of up to 204800
• Up to 4.5 fps shooting
• 5-Axis in-body shake reduction
• Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS
• Dual SD card slots
• Weather-sealed magnesium alloy body

Optional accessories include: a battery grip designed for vertical-position shooting. It provides a shutter release button, a set of control buttons (AE lock, AF, ISO, exposure compensation, green), a preview lever, and dual electronic dials.

The K-1 can be powered by dedicated lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, and also accepts six AA-size batteries.

By Greg Tarr


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