Panasonic WT60 LED LCDHopefully you’ve already checked out Panasonic’s 2013 Plasma line. On the other side of the TV tech equation are the LED LCDs.

Yep, that’s right, only LED back/edge-lighting for this year’s LCDs.

From 32- to 65-inches, here be some LCDs…

Look for the new models starting this spring.

At the bottom of the line, there’s the B6 Series. The TC-L32B6 is a 32-inch 720p model, while the TC-L39B6 and TC-L50B6 are 1080p (the middle number, if you didn’t notice, is the size, diagonally, in inches). Not a lot of features to speak up in this low-end model. There are two HDMI and 1 USB input.

The XM6 Series features one model, the TC-L32XM6, it’s 720p, but features a slim bezel design.

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The EM60 Series is 1080p, and has two screen sizes: TC-L39EM60 and TC-L50EM60. They have a scanning backlight to reduce motion blur, and have 2 HDMI and 1 USB.

The E60 Series has four sizes: TC-L42E60, TC-L50E60, TC-L58E60, and TC-L65E60. That sure is a big 2D LCD from Panasonic right there. Built-in Wi-Fi, the full VIERA Connect Internet connectivity suite, plus 3 HDMI and 2 USB show this to be a pretty full-featured line. It also has Swipe and Share 2.0, which lets iOS and Android users send and receive images to and from their phone and TV easily. The E60 models also have backlight scanning.

Panasonic ET60 LED LCD

The ET60 Series (above) is Panasonic’s lowest price 3D LCDs. There are two sizes, TC-L50ET60 and TC-L55ET60, and both are 1080p and are IPS-based. Presumably this means they’ll have excellent off-axis picture quality. The features are basically the same as the E60 Series.

Panasonic DT60 LED LCD

The DT60 series, in TC-L55DT60 and TC-L60DT60 flavors, are 3D, 1080p, have all the features of the ET60 Series, plus a faster processor and Voice Interaction/Recognition. The 55-inch has 1920 BLS (backlight scanning) while the 60-inch has 1200 BLS.

The top of the LED LCD line is the WT60 Series (top of page), which is IPS, 3D, 1080p, and features Clear Panel Pro for better picture quality. They also mention it has local diming, which if “true” local dimming, this could be very exciting since there are very few real local dimming LED LCDs. The backlight scanning has been upped to 4200 BLS. It has a built-in camera and ISFccc for Advanced Calibration.  Models include the TC-L47WT60 and the TC-L55WT60.

Also check out Panasonic’s 2013 plasmas.


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