Panasonic used CES 2022 to introduce a trio of audio-entertainment products including wearable, immersive gaming system speakers, new Technics-branded over-the-ear headphones for gaming, and a Technics compact CD Receiver.

New Panasonic SC-GN01 wearable speakers will be co-branded by the Final Fantasy XIV Online gaming brand and will enable video gamers to wear speakers for more immersive gaming experiences with greater comfort after prolonged use than headphones or earbuds.

The speaker will carry the popular Final Fantasy XIV Online trade mark to signify the speaker was designed for gamers inspired by the Final Fantasy and Square Enix franchises.

The GN01 offers three distinct sound modes to further heighten the gaming experience, and produces what Panasonic said are realistic sounds using proprietary True MAGESS technology for 4-channel full range speakers.

Gamers wear the GN01 speakers on their shoulders to generate a high-performance noise and echo cancelling dual microphone for clear chats.

The speaker generates special sound effects pulled directly from FFXIV Online. Unique “Power On” Sound greets FFXIV Online players with the franchise’s “Prelude” melody line when powering on the GN01.

Switching Sound Modes, inspired by FFXIV Online’s unique Armory System, plays the job change sound when switching sound modes.

The GN01 offers a high-fidelity sound field which enhances game audio and provides a realistic journey within the game world. The GN01 is optimized for use with Final Fantasy XIV Online using MMORPG from Square Enix “for an unparalleled audio experience within the world of Hydaelyn.”

Meanwhile, Panasonic’s high-end audio brand Technics is introducing its EAH-A800 noise cancelling wireless over-ear headphones designed to deliver excellent sound for music and phone calls.

Technics EAH-A800 headphones

The new headphones also offer superior call quality with 4 Mic Beamforming and Noise Suppression Technology for clear voice delivery. The headphones offer what Panasonic said is “industry leading long battery life” with approximately 50 hours of music listening time or 30 hours of talk time.

The EAH-A800 headphones provide solutions for changing lifestyles, including work-from-anywhere computing. The headphone mic is optimized to only pick up the speaker’s voice, for clear, distinct voice communication in silent or noisy environments. The built-in noise cancelling technology isolates music and voices for more immersive listening experiences inside or outside with minimal distortion.

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An Acoustic Control Chamber accurately controls air flow to enhance the performance of the driver for precise bass and rich spatial expression.Thin-film polymer multi-layer capacitors used in Technics’ high-grade audio amplifiers facilitates a stable current through the audio circuit, which limits distortion and generates high-quality sound.

The EAH-A800 also supports High-Resolution Audio Quality with Bluetooth and LDAC technology, providing a wide, dynamic range of sound with fast response and high definition.

Wireless connectivity is enabled through Bluetooth Multipoint Pairing that allows users to connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time to engage in video conference on laptops discuss a matter with someone else on the phone, you can begin talking on the phone simply by touching the call button.

“The EAH-A800 has been designed to ensure a comfortable fit. The 3D earpads feature a curved design to apply uniform pressure to the whole ear. The earpads are cushioned with memory foam to distribute pressure and ensure a secure fit, while a wire spring in the headband optimizes pressure across the entire head. The inner diameter of the earpad has been enlarged to wrap around the ear, yet the headphones themselves can be stored in a compact carrying case,” Panasonic’s announcement said..

Technics is also introducing the SA-C600 Compact Network CD Receiver as par of the new premium C600 Series that includes the highly capable SB-C600 Compact Speaker System, which launched in November.

Technics SA-C600 Compact CD Receiver

The SA-C600 fills the gap between the all-in-one compact speaker systems, such as C70MK2, and true separate component systems, such as the C700 and the G700 systems, Panasonic said.

Compact receivers like the SA-C600 offer the option to connect virtually to any speaker system. This enables a higher performance level than all-in-one solutions, without the need for several components within the home audio setup.

The new SA-C600 incorporates the full-digital amplification technology of the Jitter Elimination and Noise-Shaping Optimization (JENO) Engine, which is the basis for the audio quality of all Technics products, and adds greater connectivity and flexibility.

The top-loading CD player includes 2-channel x 60 watt into 4 ohms full digital amplification based on the JENO Engine.

It is equipped with a low noise power supply; left and right channel individual Space Tune with additional “In-shelf” option; high-quality phono MM input; optical SPDIF input with auto power-on function when detecting source signal; subwoofer output; Chromecast built-in for multiroom capability and access to streaming services.

It supports Spotify Connect, TIDAL, Deezer, Amazon Music, Internet Radio, DAB and FM music channels. It is also compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and MQA decoding.

The SA-C600 will be available in February at a price to be announced. It features hairline-brushed aluminum top plate cabinet and will be available in either silver or black.

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