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Panasonic has announced their 2015 lineup of Ultra HD “4K” TVs. Sizes range from 50- to 65-inches across three different lines.

The nine total models have some surprising new features.

All the info after the jump.


At the top of the line (and the top of this post) is the CX850 series. There are two sizes, 55 and 65 (TC-55CX850U and TC-65CX850U).

They’ve got a number of the features we saw in last year’s Panasonic UHD TVs, like Local Dimming Pro, Studio Master Drive, and Super Bright Panel, all for contrast ratio benefit.

Here’s what Panasonic says about another feature: “Panasonic’s original Dynamic Range Remaster technology achieves dramatically enhanced image reproduction and rendering capabilities in the high luminance range. By restoring the information of high-brightness image areas that drops out during recording, it faithfully reproduces not only the brightness but also the original colors. As a result, the CX850 Series delivers beautiful, dynamic pictures without blown highlights in bright image areas.”

There’s “Image Motion 240 Hz” though it’s unclear if this is a native 240 Hz refresh, or a 120 Hz with flashing backlight.

Panasonic is claiming all new panels for better color reproduction and better brightness.

Interestingly, the CX850 series (and several of the other models) feature the Firefox OS. Sony, by comparison, is using the Chrome OS. Panasonic claims this makes their GUI more advanced and easier to use. The TV will respond to voice commands using the Voice Command Pro feature.

Both THX and Control4 certifications are pending.


Pana TC_65CX800_CX710_2 580

The next step down is the CX800 series. Three sizes this time, 55, 60, and 65 (TC-55CX800U, TC-60CX800U, and TC-65CX800U). The CX800 shares the Firefox OS and refresh rate, but only has “Local Dimming” (no “Pro) and “Black Gradation Drive” instead of the Studio Master and Super Bright Panel of the CX850.

They’re 3D (which is not mentioned with the CX850), and aren’t THX or Control4 certified.


Pana TC_65CX650_CX670_2 580

Stepping down one more time is the CX650 series, which still have many of the same features as the upper models: Firefox OS, same refresh, voice control, and so on. These models have “Super Bright Panel” but no local dimming. Three sizes again, same as the CX800 (TC-55CX650U, TC-60CX650U, TC-65CX650U).

Pana TC_50CX600_CX610_2 580

At the bottom of the range is the 50-inch TC-50CX600U (image directly above). No Firefox OS, but the other features are similar to the CX600.


All the models will be available… well, we presume in 2015, though no date (or price) has been specified.



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