Panasonic is using CES 2018 to showcase four 4K OLED TVs, all of which will support HDR10+ high dynamic range (HDR) with dynamic metadata among other advanced picture quality platforms.

Unfortunately, initial plans for the U.S. market are to sell the new OLED TVs “only as reference monitors”  here, although they are expected to be available in other regions that maintain consumer television businesses, a company spokesman told HD Guru.

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The new 4K OLED TVs are said to incorporate “profound under-the-hood improvements” to Panasonic’s proprietary Hollywood Cinema Experience (HCX) image processor, along with the latest generation of HDR OLED panels “with exceptional contrast and colors.”

Using HCX processing and other techniques, Panasonic said the televisions are capable of covering 100 percent of the Digital Cinema Intiative (DCI) P3 wide color gamut recommendation.

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In 2018, Panasonic will continue to market in applicable territories last year’s 77-inch EZ1000 4K OLED, which will be joined by this year by the FZ950 and FZ800 series, which both include models with 65-inch and 55-inch screen sizes.

The new sets include Panasonic’s Hollywood-tuned HCX video processor, and high dynamic range (HDR) through the newer HDR10+ dynamic metadata technology.

HDR10+ was developed by 20th Century Fox, Samsung and Panasonic as an open royalty free license. The platform will be supported this year by Amazon Prime videos as well as select Warner Bros. titles. The sets also support baseline HDR10 with static metadata and Dolby Vision another dynamic metadata system.

The FZ950 series adds a “Tuned by Technics” Dynamic Blade Speaker, which is described as “a deceptively thin audio system” that emits a powerful field of sound.

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uses eight multiple speaker units (four woofers, four mid-range and two tweeters, plus a quad passive radiator to boost bass). The system offers 40 percent increased volume, developed in conjunction with engineers from Panasonic’s Technics advanced audio unit.

Panasonic said it is seeking Ultra HD Premium and THX certifications for each of the new OLED models.

Among the new developments in the HCX processor is the introduction of a “Dynamic LUT” (Look Up Table) system. The LUT technology is used extensively in professional post-production and broadcasting to ensure color accuracy. Until now, LUTs were fixed according to the color space used by the source; with this innovation, the HCX automatically monitors the average brightness level of a scene and uses picture analysis to dynamically load a LUT appropriate to that scene, Panasonic explained.

This is said to produce significant improvements to mid-brightness scenes, making them look much more natural.


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