Avatar 3D blu-ray

(May 26, 2010) According to a published report and confirmed by an industry source, the box office record breaking movie “[amazonify]B002VPE1B6::text::::AVATAR[/amazonify]” will be coming “soon” to 3D Blu-ray disc! Our  source adds the disc will be part of an Panasonic promotion with 20th Century Fox to make the discs initially available only to purchasers of Panasonics’s 3D plasma displays.

Currently, Panasonic offers the 3D Blu-ray releases “Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs” (see photos) and “Coraline” for free via mail-in rebate (link). These titles are also exclusive to Panasonic 3D plasma owners and are not available for sale. Avatar 3D’s release marks the first live action 3D Blu-ray title and is expected to greatly boost 3D TV awareness and demand.

As to when “soon” will be, no release date was provided, however the current Ice Age/Coraline offer expires on July 10, 2010. We expect the AVATAR 3D  promotion to follow shortly after in the August/ September 2010 time frame. A Panasonic spokesperson declined to comment.


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