Panasonic 2009 Prices Leaked Part II: The Z1 Plasma and More-HD Guru Exclusive

March 4th, 2009 · 18 Comments · Plasma


In our last article, HD Guru leaked Panasonic’s pricing for its mid-end 2009 plasmas and all of its LCD flat panels. Below, HD Guru covers the rest of Panasonic’s 2009 HDTVs, including previously unreleased prices on its top of the line models.

Z1 Series

The Z1 (pictured above) is Panasonic’s most advanced HDTV.  Available only in the 54” screen the Z1 packs every advanced feature into a 1” thick Full HD 1080p plasma panel.  The Z1 has a native contrast ratio of 40,000:1, a low energy consuming Neo PDP panel technology, an included swivel table stand, Digital Cinema Color gamut, THX Certification, 1080 lines of motion resolution, 24 Hz Cinematic Playback and an HDMI wireless receiver.  The companion wireless transmitter tuner/switcher box has VIERA Link Internet connectivity and VIERA Link SD card reader for viewing still photos or AVCHD video playback.  Currently, the only thin competitor in this size range (an obese 2.25” at the thickest part) is the Sharp LC52XS1, an LCD HDTV with separate tuner box and speaker bar which retails for a whopping $12,000 plus the cost of the optional wireless box (when available).

The Z1’s wireless HDMI box allows purchasers to hang the panel on the wall with only an AC power cord connected.  Speakers are built-in and the wireless tuner box is included with the Z1 plasma.  It will ship in June at a retail of $5999.95

Model             MAP

TC-P54Z1    $5999.95

HD Guru Verdict- The Z1 may be the hottest HDTV for 2009.

V10 Series

The Panasonic V10 series plasma models are (compared to the Z1) a beefy 2” thick.  It is replacing the current (2008) top of the line 1080p PZ850 series plasmas.  The V10s will be available in the 50” (May ship; it has a one sheet glass front) 54” (June), 58”(August) and 65” (Aug.) screen sizes.

All V10 models include: Neo PDP low energy consuming panel, 40,000:1 contrast ratio, Digital Cinema Color gamut, VIERA CAST Internet connectivity, VIERA Image Viewer SD card slot for still photos and AVCHD playback, 4 HDMI inputs, swivel table stand, THX Certification, Full 1080 line motion resolution, 24 Hz playback.

Model             MAP

TC-P50V10    $2299.95
TC-P54V10    $2699.95
TC-P58V10    TBA
TC-P65V10    TBA

HD Guru Verdict- The V10 offers many upgrades from the 2008 PZ850 series it replaces including THX certification, higher motion resolution, better contrast ratio (40,000:1 V10 vs. 30,000:1 PZ850) deeper black levels and lower power consumption.  However, the PZ850 is still one of the best 2008 HDTVs available today.  6 Ave Electronics is closing out the 50” TH50PZ850 for $1648 making a purchase decision for either series a win-win, though if you can afford the difference in price, based on the new specs and features, the V10 series is well worth the extra bucks.

G15 Series

The G15 offers the 2” thick design of the V10 and retains the THX certification, 40,000:1 contrast ratio, 1080p resolution, VIERA CAST Internet connectivity, SD card reader with AVCHD playback and Neo PDP panel.  To step down from the V10 you give up Digital Cinema Color, 1 HDMI input (for a total of 3 HDMI inputs) and the swivel in the table stand.  The G15s come in 42” 46” and 50” screen sizes and all are shipping in June.

Model             MAP

TC-P42G15    $1499.95
TC-P46G15    $1799.95
TC-P50G15    $2099.95

HD Guru Verdict- The G15 series is all new and provides a compelling sets of features and specifications for a $200 retail savings (for the 50”) from the V10.

U1 Series

The U1 series represents Panasonic’s entry level Full HD 1080p plasmas.  The U1 does not have the energy saving Neo PDP panel.  Motion resolution is rated at 900 lines and the contrast ratio is 30,000:1.  Features include 3 HDMI inputs, Viera Image Viewer SD card reader for still photos and Viera Link Internet connectivity.  Available screen sizes of 42”, 46” (April) and 50” (March)

Model             MAP

TC-P42U1    $899.95
TC-P46U1    $1199.95
TC-P50U1    $1499.95

HD Guru Verdict- With the low retail price the U1 series should provide a wider viewing angle, better contrast ratio and higher motion resolution than any competing 1080p 60Hz or 120 Hz LCD flat panel in the U1 size classes.  Better images for less money, how can you beat that?

C1 Series

Panasonic’s entry level 768p plasmas offer 15,000 contrast ratio, 2 HDMI inputs, VIERA Link Internet connectivity and VIERA Image SD card reader.  They’re available in 42” (March) and 50” (April) screen sizes.

Model             MAP

TC-P42C1    $749.95
TC-P50C1    $999.95

HD Guru Verdict- A Panasonic 42” HDTV plasma flat panel with a retail price of less than $750 says it all.

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  • D

    The G15, although a nice picture, is an ugly dated plastic looking frame. It’s about 3.5″ thick while the v10 has a very minimal looking frame with a 2″ depth. I’m ready to buy the v10 based on looks alone.

  • Ben

    I’m trying to decide between the G15 or the V10. Does the G15 share the “one sheet of glass” design?

  • dlptvsteve

    hey frank roshinski, check out the new samsung pdp’s. the new 8 series feature an integrated hdtv tuner with a 1.2 inch depth, slim bezel, light in weight, eco green and great picture performance.

    z1 selling on Tiger DirecT, can’t wait to see the presentation,


  • John

    I saw the G10 at Best Buy. The picture looks very good but the bezel around the screen looks very dated and cheap – softer looking plastic. It does not look as good as the other LCD and Plasma sets at the store. I know this is just cosmetics, but that is important too. I hope the V10 looks better. I also wonder about the sound in these thin sets, V series @ 2″ and Z series at 1″. I have heard complaints on the quality of sound in the G series. I was not able to listen to this in the store. And yes, I know you can/should run movies and such through a “real” sound system, but for watching TV channels, I don’t desire to do this for energy and convenience reasons.

  • Garry

    I am purchasing a 54″ V10 (TC-P54V10) through Best Buy. The rep I am working with says it will be in June 16th. Can’t wait.

  • Brian

    It is may – why is the v10 not available?

  • Rhen

    I can’t wait to see the V10’s in the store, based on the pics, the looks are stunning and you can easily tell its not the cheap plasma out there…

    They said shipments starting MAY, but i cannot find it in the store yet…

  • Vince

    Well, my post accuracy is about 0 and 3 :) I just spoke with a Sales Rep. at Panasonic.

    He said the thinner G15 WILL BE released in the USA. He wasn’t sure why it is not on the North America section of the website or why shipments to the stores seem to be lagging compared to the G10s.

  • Vince

    This site should answer a lot of questions:

    It details the (slightly different) model line-ups for North America and Europe.

    According to this for North America … we don’t get the G15 Series (only the G10). The V-Series is made up of the TC-P50V10 and TC-P54V10 (only), but they both look similar with the “one-sheet-of-glass” design.

    I found the TC-P50V10 dimensions on Vanns … Dimensions: 48.9″ W x 30.5 H x 3.3″ / 2.2″ D exclusive of protruding portion without stand, 48.9″ W x 32.2 H x 15.8″ D with stand … so, actually an inch wider than a TC-P50G10.

  • Vince


    Sorry, but I think my previous post is incorrect. I just saw the 2009 Viera Brochure, and it says that only the TC-P50V10 (50-inch model) will have the “2 inch thick design and One-Sheet-of-Glass”. I guess we will just have to wait until the samples are released. Maybe HDGuru will have more details soon.

  • Vince


    It’s my understanding that the V10 and G15 share the same “full glass” front and same case (like last years 800/850 did). However, I’ve only see a picture of the V10 so far.

    I’m installing into a built-in bookshelf … Anyone have exact dimensions on the TC-P50V10 yet?

    I think the V10 looks even better than last year’s 800/850 (didn’t think it was possible). Too bad we lose the swivel base on the TC-P46G15, and that it appears there will be no 46″ V10 produced.

  • Ollie

    Does the HD Guru know if Panasonic cured the jitter with the 24fps?
    Is it still going to be 48fps or will it be 72fps?
    However, the new Panasonic units and their aggressive pricing may go a long way to explaining why Pioneer gave up.

  • Frank Roshinski

    I have seen a lot of flat panel HDTVs in my day but the Panasonic Z1 cosmetics are beautiful. Coupled with Panasonic reliability it will be a big winner. I am looking forward to seeing the picture performance. It’s also nice to see that a TV manufacturer is still making premium merchandise. If Panasonic continues to make this type merchandise they may fill the void left by Pioneer Elite in the market place if not in our hearts.

  • John

    Gary, at what model level do you loose the single sheet of glass in styling of the panel?

  • David Strom

    What about Tru2Way? Any 2009 HD TVs with Tru2Way? Or CableCard?

    I hate extra boxes….

  • Warlock

    Can Panasonic save plasma?

  • Caleb

    What about the X1 series? I think it’s basically a U1 with 720p res.

  • Jason


    If you had to pick the new V10 58″ or the 60″ dying Kuro brand, which would you choose?

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