Optoma introduced Wednesday the UHZ65 4K Ultra HD DLP-based front projector with an advanced laser light engine.

The Optoma UHZ65 is available now at a $4,499 suggested retail price, and is positioned as a step-up model from the UHD60 4K UHD DLP projctor, adding a bright laser phosphor light source for better picture quality without the need to make frequent bulb replacements. The laser engine’s life expectancy is listed as 20,000 hours.

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The Optoma UHZ65 will project a 140-inch-plus screen size from up to 11 feet (1.39 – 2.22 throw ratio) from the screen or reflective surface.

Optoma said the unit provides “the best price-per-inch home entertainment experience.”

The Optoma UHZ65 is based on the Texas Instruments’ latest 4K Digital Light Processing (DLP) UHD chipset with a high performance Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) utilizing XPR video processing technology with fast switching to display 8.3 million distinct pixels. Optoma and TI said the technology meets the Consumer Technology Association’s specification critera for 4K UHD 2160p display.

The chipset uses pixel-shifting technology, but in a slightly little different way than either Epson’s pixel-shifting 4K 3LCD or JVC’s D-ILA e-Shift systems. The TI 4K DLP chips use 2716×1528 hinged micromirrors that move back and forth to open or close light, but using optical diagonal off-shifting of the pixels on sequential refreshes there is a partial overlapping of the pixels on the second pass. This way a base image and an off-shifted image are displayed for each frame.

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The 4K UHD DLP process is said to produce independent single-pixel structures; The 4K DLP chip begins with twice the resolution of the other systems, and uses TI video processing to present two discrete pixels for each mirror.

Added to this, the projector’s laser phosphor light engine was designed to present HDR10-profile High Dynamic Range (HDR) 3840x2160p images. Other features include a vertical lens shift and 1.6x zoom.

According to Optoma, the UHZ65 has peak brightness measuring 3,000 lumens, which is sufficient for either dark room or ambient light viewing.

Contrast is listed at 2,000,000:1 with Dynamic Black enabled and the projector is able to play images in HDR to its best of its ability with a color gamut of Rec. 709, DCI-P3 or Rec. 2020.

For imaging processing and stability the Optoma UHZ65 includes Optoma’s PureEngine’s PureMotion technology that is said to eliminate noise, motion blur, and judder in fast motion video.

The projector includes built-in dual stereo speakers, and fan noise is 33/29dB (Bright/ECO).

Connections include: 1 HDMI 1.4a, 1 HDMI 2.0 (with HDCP 2.2, MHL 2.1 and Full 18Gbps), VGA-In, Audio-In (3.5mm), Audio-Out, SDPIF Out (Optical/2 Channel only), USB 2.0 (Service), USB-A Power, RJ45, and RS232C.


By Greg Tarr


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