Optoma recently introduced a pair of DLP video projectors including the affordably positioned 4K UHL55 0.47-inch single-chip DMD projector and the LH150 ultra-compact battery powered DLP Full HD projector.

The UHL55, shipping this month at a $2,399 expected street retail price, uses Texas Instruments’ 0.47 DMD chip with more than 2 million micromirrors and 4K pixel-shifting technology using a four-position optical actuator to display 8.3 million-pixels visible to the eye and brain on screen at one time.

Optoma said the fast switching speed of the DMD enables each mirror to display two distinct and unique pixels on the screen during every frame. This complies with the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) definition of a 4K device under its 4K UHD standard or displaying 8.3 million distinct pixels on screen, the company said.

The unit includes RGB LED lighting with a life rating of 30,000 hours, a protective sliding lens cover and power switch, auto focus, auto keystone, HDR10 support and is capable of up to a 250,000:1 contrast ratio.

The company said the projector maps HDR signals to REC.2020 container using tone mapping to provide a wide color gamut coverage for REC.709 and DCI-P3.

Vertical lens shift is offered to simplify installations by shifting the image up and down without image distortion to provide a wider range of projector placement options.

The projector also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control platforms for intuitive voice control to power the unit on and off, change volume, change input source and control the USB media player.

An Android OS with smart TV apps and Optoma Marketplace deliver USB media playback compatibility, Internet streaming and download services.

Built-in stereo audio is provided from two 8-watt speakers.

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Meanwhile, the LH150, which carries an $899 suggested retail price, in a compact portable model that can be taken on the road to display a 1080p image with 1,300 lumens of brightness. Its large 12,000 mAH battery delivers up to 2.5 hours of viewing time, Optoma said.

A carrying case is included to make it easy to takey the projector where ever a large screen projected image is desired, even outdoors.

The LH150 has an RGB LED light source with up to 30,000 hours of life, and is capable of delivering bright colors with coverage of the Rec.709 color gamut.

Convenience features include Bluetooth audio connectivity that enables a fast connection to wireless speakers to add big sound for an immersive entertainment experience.

Also included are HDCast Pro and USB display connectivity to enable easy screen mirroring with iOS and Android mobile devices.

For picture accuracy, the projector features four-corner geometry correction providing flexible placement while HDMI inputs are included for simple connectivity to game consoles, laptops and disc and media players.


By Greg Tarr


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