Onkyo joined Sony Thursday in introducing a wireless speaker that incorporates Google Assistant interactive voice control technology and Chromecast Built-in app streaming functionality.

The Onkyo Smart Speaker G3 (VC-GX30) will ship to retail in October at a $299 suggested retail. It is designed to enable multi-room music streaming with high-fidelity sound using Onkyo’s advanced audio technologies along with Google’s AI and Chromecast streaming support.

Interestingly, Onkyo announced the Smart Speaker G3 at the same time that DTS revealed Onkyo was also introducing a wireless speaker using DTS Play-Fi technology and integrated Amazon Alexa far-field AI voice control technology.

Using Google Assistant technology, the Smart Speaker G3 will enable access to voice-controlled information, audio entertainment distribution and home automation.

Onkyo said that through Google, the speaker can answer questions, provide weather and traffic updates, read out recipes, set reminders, provide travel information, and enable online shopping using voice commands.

Google Assistant is also compatible with leading home automation apps for smart device control, allowing users to perform a variety of tasks such as adjusting room temperature and controlling lights by voice.

Read more about the Onkyo Smart Speaker G3 with Google Assistant after the jump:

For music listening over the advanced speaker system, users can audibly request any song or artist for playback. The music then can be streamed from integrated services including Google Play Music and TuneIn to Chromecast built-in speakers, AV systems, and hi-fi components in any room.  Any action can be triggered by first saying: “Ok Google” followed by the requested action. The speaker will execute operations including volume control and song selection.

Using the built-in Chromecast system, the speaker will have access to a range of entertainment apps supporting Chromecast built-in for iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Windows PC, Mac, and Chromebook can also be streamed to wireless speakers, sound bars, AVRs, and hi-fi systems by tapping the “cast” icon, Onkyo said.

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A large variety of products currently support Chromecast built-in, including devices from Onkyo and Pioneer. The system will enable streaming music from supported services using seamless voice-activated multi-room audio over 5 GHz/2.4 GHz Wi-Fi on a choice of devices.

Onkyo’s spin on the Google Home speaker, is said to deliver “superior high-fidelity sound from a small footprint. Onkyo engineers developed a computer-modelled wooden acoustic-suspension enclosure that is said to eliminate standing waves and vibration that can compromise tonal performance.

Also included is a custom woofer with a large motor held in place by a thick metal surround, enabling 1.5 times the cone excursion of conventional drivers for wide-spectrum reproduction. Onkyo said the speaker produces dynamic sound with taut bass and clear mid-range, with high frequencies aired by a quality soft-dome tweeter.

Other features include an efficient and responsive switching amplification with dynamic noise-reduction DSP technology.


By Greg Tarr


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