OLED HDTVs Will Arrive in 2012

November 5th, 2012 · 4 Comments · 3D HDTV, Connected TVs, News, OLED

Contrary to published reports, LG and Samsung spokespeople continue to state their respective revolutionary 55-inch OLED TVs will be shipping in limited quantities before the end of the year.  NPD DisplaySearch confirmed today both vendors will be shipping least 500 units total before year’s end. LG’s model was originally scheduled to ship by the 2012 London Olympics.

An LG spokesperson told HD Guru shipments of its 55EM9600 OLED production version we viewed in Monaco this past spring, will make it out of its factory in 2012, however LG would not assure any units will end up in the USA this year.

Samsung’s spokesperson told HD Guru its 55ES9500 OLED will make it to our shores in 2012.


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Industry reports name production issues as the hold up for these next generation displays. This latest information is encouraging as the problems may finally be resolved, providing a high enough yield for the start-up of mass production. We expect a number of new OLED HDTVs to be shown by multiple vendors at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

To learn more about these new fangled displays, read our reports here and here.


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  • Dave

    Finally, maybe, a TV to replace my beautiful behemoth black laquer finished 1999 vintage ISFed Pioneer Kuro RPTV CRT. Just hope my Kuro lives long enough to see the dawn of this new day. As for cost, that’s what home equity mortgages are for.

  • cbono

    Has anyone ever actually seen a production version of either of these 55″ OLEDs? Has anyone ever commented with apodictic certainty that they outperform the behemoth CRT based HDTVs for black level and the best plasmas for color accuracy? Those are the reassurances I need before I spend my $$$.

  • bman

    I really do hope to see some OLEDs this year or early next year. What I don’t want to see it this:
    – Only 2 manufacturers offering these TVs (LG & Samsung)
    – Insane price tag

    Having said that, I think I’ll wait until late 2013 before I buy one. Still looking forward to see some good stuff at CES 2013!

  • erik

    Now there are rumors that Samsung want to introduce a new wide range of OLED-Television with a brand new software interface at CES-2013. Samsung invest more than 250 million dollar on software development to ramp up the new interface.There are rumors that this could be a optimized BADA-OS version for television.

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