Nuvyyo, the maker of the Tablo Over-the-Air (OTA) DVR, used the recent CES 2017 to announce it is expanding the Tablo experience to more devices and platforms.

Tablo has been a popular solution for cost-conscious cord cutters looking to mix free OTA and over-the-top (OTT) programming through one easy to use DVR box that affords viewers with the time-shifting convenience of cable and satellite services.

At the show, Tablo revealed that it is extending its DVR interface and programming guide to Android TV platforms using a new Tablo Droid app. The first implementation will be targeted at the Nvidia Shield Android TV-based set-top media adapter.

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Nuvyyo explained that the solution works by connecting a USB OTA tuner and an antenna to the Nvidia Shield and then downloading the Tablo Droid DVR app. The combination will enable recording live HDTV on an Android set-top-box without the need for separate Tablo TV OTA DVR hardware.

Recordings made through the Tablo Droid app are saved to the Nvidia Shield’s hard drive or to a separate USB-connected drive if additional storage is required. To assist in completing the Tablo Droid solution, Nuvyyo said it is introducing a new Tablo Tuner, which is a USB dongle with dual OTA tuners that can be used to receive free OTA channels. Alternatively, users can use a third party tuner, like the Hauppauge WinTV-dualHD USB tuner stick.

The Tablo Droid app will be free to download from the Google Play store and will include a free 30-day trial of Tablo’s guide data subscription. After the trial, users can continue to watch live TV and set manual recordings without a subscription or they can keep receiving the continuous 14-day programming guide data for $3.99 per month. The guide and data will enable finding television programs and setting them to record using a one-click function.

Nuvyyo said the Tablo Tuner stick will be available via the Tablo webstore in the second quarter of 2017.

Meanwhile, the company also introduced a Tablo Live “antenna anywhere” stick, which offers a single OTA tuner and Wi-Fi reception to turn any OTA antenna into a smart antenna. Using the product, cord cutters will be able to distribute OTA HDTV programming over their home network via Wi-Fi. Tablo Live will allow consumers to place an antenna in the best location in a house to receive broadcasts and watch live HDTV programming via Tablo apps on mobile devices and streaming set-top-boxes.

Apps for Tablo Live will include the Tablo user interface and will enable browsing an on-screen 24-hour grid guide with episode and series details as well as launch live broadcast TV streams. Nuvyyo said Tablo Live apps will be free to download and no guide data subscription will be required.

The Tablo Live antenna anywhere stick will be available in the second quarter at a $99 suggested retail price.

Another new solution in development for the Tablo family of cord-cutting products is Tablo Cloud DVR Storage, the company said. Tablo Cloud DVR storage is designed to be used with the Tablo Live ‘antenna anywhere’ stick to add online recording storage and DVR functionality to the package. Nuvyyo said Tablo Cloud will be subscription-based and will offer a set number of hours of cloud DVR storage for an as yet undisclosed monthly fee.


By Greg Tarr


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