HD Guru receives requests from readers seeking large screen HDTVs that are suitable for daytime viewing without blackout curtains. Unfortunately, we know of no 2012 models that are available. All 40-inch and larger TVs today only offer shiny-smooth front surfaces. All have some type of anti-reflective (A/R) coating to reduce the intensity of lamps and windows but still reflect light like a mirror. Why is there nothing available today? Because significantly reducing on-screen reflections requires another type of screen surface. One with a frosted, dull finish called an anti-glare screen coating.

In a store showroom (all other things being equal), anti-glare screen equipped HDTVs don’t look quite as contrasty as A/R coated models. In attempt to show the brightest image every large screen TV maker adopted the shiny finished screen for 2012.

But there’s a solution, thanks to a new product  called the NuShield Triple A screen protector.

The NuShield Triple A screen protector is an aftermarket film filter available in custom-cut sizes for your specific HDTV. The filter consists of a thin (0.005-inch) sheet of plastic. The front surface uses NuShield’s patented anti-glare technology. The rear has an adhesive across the entire surface. The adhesive is designed allow removal of the filter without damaging the TV screen’s original coatings.

We received a small 4×3 inch sample and attached it to a portion of the screen surface of a Panasonic LED LCD we’re currently testing. Like all other 2012 HDTVs, the LCD’s surface is very shiny. We can clearly see our reflection on the screen during daytime viewing. The NuShield Triple A screen shield would eliminate those

Without NuShield

reflections. In the photo above you can see the reflection of the sunlight at the edges of the window blinds, and how it disappears where the sample was applied (inside circle on right side of photo).

The NuShield Triple A comes as custom cut sheet for each TV size. A 42-inch sells for $72.80, a 50-inch is $119 and a 60-inch is $154 (plus shipping). NuShield makes films to fit HDTVs up to 80-inches. They can be ordered factory direct from nushield.com

The Triple A reduces screen brightness by 10%, a not very significant amount because today’s HDTV are capable of maximum brightness far in excess of a comfortable viewing levels. The surface of the shield, in addition to anti-glare, is germ resistant via its anti-microbial coating. It’s even anti-fingerprint.


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Placing an adhesive coating on top of a large screen TV requires time and patience. The shield comes with its own

With NuShield

protective and removable coating on both sides. The TV screen should be totally cleaned first using a screen cleaner  and microfiber cloth like this Philips. Next, the tacky-side protection layer is removed first and you apply the NuShield to the screen. Care needs to be taken to assure proper alignment. There will be some air bubbles between the screen that get pushed out to the edges using light finger pressure. When completely adhered to the screen surface, you peel off the outside protective layer.

If one should get a fingerprint on the tacky side, it can be lifted off using a piece of Scotch tape. The outer anti-glare surface can also be cleaned with the Philips or another microfiber screen cloth and cleaner.


Final Thoughts

The NuShield is a solution for folks that want daytime viewing in less than ideal environments. It should be considered for anyone that has reflection issues. We would like HDTV makers to again offer an anti-glare option. Until they do, the Triple A NuShield is an fine alternative.


Disclosure: NuShield sample supplied by manufacturer.


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