Looking to remain competitive with Sony in the full-format mirrorless camera market, Nikon revealed Wednesday that it has developed a new full-frame (FX format) image sensor which will appear soon for the first time in an upcoming mirrorless camera release and will pair with lenses based on a new mount system.

The new lens mount will replace the company’s traditional F-mount used for decades in Nikon full-format (35mm equivalent sensor size) cameras.

But photographers with heavy investments in Nikon FX lenses need not fear. Nikon said it will offer an adapter to use legacy F-mount lenses with the new mirrorles camera system. Nikon said the adapter will support a wide variety of existing Nikon F-mount lenses.

Nikon chose to tease the announcement of the new sensor instead of issuing a full press statement and product release, so many of the details of the forthcoming new mirrorless camera remain to revealed.

The statement hinted that new sensor design will likely allow for a more compact mirrorless camera design.

Nikon said it intends to continue leading imaging innovation with the launch of the new mirrorless camera and the continued development of Nikon Digital-SLR cameras and lenses.

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“Soon, Nikon users will have two industry-leading camera systems to choose from, giving consumers the choice to enjoy the unique values that each system offers,” the company statement said.

As for the new camera, Nikon’s release stated: “The new mirrorless camera and Nikkor lenses that are in development will enable a new dimension in optical performance with the adoption of a new mount. The system is the result of Nikon’s unsurpassed optical and manufacturing capabilities gained through more than a century of imaging expertise.”

Nikon, which has long been the No. 2 brand in the advanced and professional camera market, has been challenged in recent years as Sony continues to churn out dramatic advancements in full format and APS-C digital imaging sensors.

Meanwhile, Sony has been steadily winning over photo enthusiasts and professionals with its electronics innovation prowess, developing revolutionary new features and advancements, primarily in mirrorless camera designs. Sony has also upped its optics game following the acquisition several years ago of Minolta’s optics assets, making it a serious challenger to the two Japanese camera giants, who have struggled to remain competitive in the mirrorless camera market, opting to continue their focus on the D-SLR space.


By Greg Tarr


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