Custom TV-audio solutions manufacturer Next Level Acoustics has introduced its latest Fusion S3 soundbar, model offering a narrow 2.95-inch height for flexible placement solutions.

The South Windsor, CT-based company said the soundbar is well suited for customers looking for high-fidelity sound applications from flat-panel televisions requiring difficult placement solutions, including mounts over a fireplace.

“Fitting a high-performance soundbar below the TV is a constant struggle due to height restrictions,” said Robert Goldman, of Next Level Acoustics. “These issues are now a thing of the past whenever height is a concern.”

The company said the 2.95-inch height of the Fusion S3 is sufficient to deliver high-end performance from an elegantly styled, high gloss black (standard) ultra-short form factor accented with tapered ends.

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The Fusion S3 offers 3-channel ported design, using 2.5-inch drivers, and a textured front surface designed to minimize high-frequency reflections.

The Fusion S3 comes in three stock sizes for the fastest shipping options:

Fusion S3 – 55 (48.8 inches wide) $1,199 retail price

Fusion S3 – 65 (56.9 inches wide) $1,499 retail price

Fusion S3 – 75 (65.9 inches wide) $1,699 retail price

Next Level Acoustics said the Fusion S3 can be fully customized for Left Center Right (LCR), Stereo and Center Channel applications. This can be accommodated with custom widths, IR grille notch badges, colors and finishes.

Key features of the Fusion S3 models include the following:

• 2.95 inch overall height
• Ported design
• High-quality acoustical dynamics and clarity
• Proprietary crossover configuration
• Textured front surface that minimizes high-frequency reflections
• High-gloss black (standard) finish
• Tapered ends
• Baltic Birch back panel
• Quick shipment on standard models
• Z-clip (wall) or UM1 mount (to display)
• Custom configurations (Stereo vs. LCR), widths, IR badge grille notches, finishes and colors available upon request.

Contact the company for custom inquires and dealer locations here.

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By Greg Tarr

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