Texas Instruments (TI) revealed Tuesday that it has developed a series of new DLP chips based on its previously introduced DLP660TE digital micromirror device to deliver 4K Ultra HD to new applications, including pico-class (mini) projectors.

The company said it has produced two new 4K DLP chipsets — the DLP470TP and the DLP470TE — that are smaller than the popular DLP660TE chipset currently used in 4K DLP home theater projectors under several brands. The new chipsets can be adapted to a variety of applications including home theater, commercial/education and mobile uses.

Increasing the 4K DLP chipset family is expected to give projector manufacturers the ability to offer a wider range of products at different sizes, brightness levels and price points.

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According to TI, “developers can now design DLP 4K UHD technology into a variety of end products such as laser TVs, mobile smart TVs, digital signage displays, smart home displays, pico projectors, business and education projectors,” and others.

The new chipsets offer a wider range of power requiremets, offer compact size and deliver high brightness to make possible a range of new projector designs.

Measuring 17 mm by 24.5 mm, the DLP470TP is small enough for used in mobile video displays and pico-class mini projectors. It can be used with brightness levels up to 1,500 lumens.

The slightly larger DLP470TE (22 mm by 32 mm) is designed for business and home theater projectors, supporting brightness levels of 1,500 lumens and up. It will will withstand heat from brightness levels as high as 4,000 lumens.

Comparatively, the DLP660TE will remain the most powerful of the three 4K UHD chipsets, supporting business and home theater brightness applications up to 5,000 lumens.

As with the DLP660TE, Texas Instruments said each DLP 4K UHD chipsets exceed the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) definition for 4K UHD technology, displaying 8.3 million pixels on a screen surface at one time.

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The TI DLP660TE digital micromirror device (DMD) is a digitally controlled micro-opto-electromechanical system (MOEMS) spatial light modulator (SLM) that enables bright, affordable full 4K UHD display solutions. When coupled to an appropriate optical system, DLP660TE DMD displays true 4K UHD resolution (8.3m pixels on screen), TI said.

These DMDs do not offer native 4096x2160p resolution, like Sony’s 4K SXRD LC0S microdisplay technology. Instead, they meet the resolution characteristics of 4K Ultra HD using XPR pixel-switching technology that does not require use of upscaling like some competitors’ pixel-shifting solutions.

Texas Instruments said the new 4K DLD chipsets are now availabe to projector/light engine developers and both should be in production in early 2018 for products arriving later in the year.


By Greg Tarr


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