Philips PFL8900

First there was CCFL. Then there was LED. Now, LASERS.

The new PFL8900 series from Philips uses lasers as part of its backlighting.

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Let’s cut right to the interesting part. The PFL8900 uses red lasers and cyan LEDs, along with red, green, and blue color filters, to reproduce what Philips claims is 80% of the Rec. 2020 standard (that’s impressive, btw).

Most LCDs use “white” LEDs, which are blue LEDs with a yellow phosphor. A few TVs have used red, green, and blue LEDs, or quantum dots, to create better color than what’s possible with “white”.

While lasers have been used a few times in the past (notably Mitsubishi’s ill-fated laser RPTV), this is the first time we’ve seen it in an LCD.

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In addition to the lasers, the PFL8900 will feature a “high contrast glossy panel” for better contrast, and a 240 Hz “Perfect Motion Rate.” We expect the latter to mean it’s a 120 Hz panel with backlight scanning (like all current 4K TVs).

Ah, right, the PFL8900s are Ultra HD, of course.

Inside there’s Miracast, the usual suite of streaming services, and decoding for HEVC. Three HDMI 2.0 connections (all with HDCP 2.2) allow for current and future connectivity.

There are two models in the line. The 58-inch 58PFL8900 will be $2,999. The 65-inch 65PFL8900 will be $3,499. Both ship in May.


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