New HDTV Makers Enter The US Market With LCD Flat Panels Up to 82″ Part I-HD Guru Exclusive

February 18th, 2009 · 10 Comments · LCD Flat Panel


Honeywell’s 82″ LCD HDTV (Outside Dimensions 52.9″ H x 79.6″ W)

Plagued by low profits (or outright losses), sagging sales, and enormous competition, one would think in these bad economic times new TV makers would not want to enter the U.S. market..  However, that is exactly what GE and Honeywell are doing this year!

The GE name is going to appear on televisions created by a 49%/51% joint venture of GE and Tatung, a Taiwanese builder of  HDTVs, computer monitors and appliances.  The new company is known as GDT for General Displays and Technologies. The GE line is set to launch in late April.

Honeywell has authorized another Taiwanese company; SOYO to design, sell and market Honeywell branded HDTVs. Honeywell will produce a line of LCD HDTVs from 19” to 82” screen sizes.  Yes, that right, an 82” LCD Full HD TV.

In an interview with Ed O’Brien, Honeywell’s director of marketing, details regarding its entry into HDTV business were revealed to the HD Guru and appear below.  In Part II, we will publish our exclusive interview with Peter Weedfald, President of GDT North America

Honeywell will have four distinct lines of HDTVs. The top of the line LE series will be offered in five screen sizes, which consist of 47”, 57”, 65”, 70”, and 82” screens.  All LE model specifications include a 120Hz refresh rate, Full 1080p HD, 178 degree viewing angle, 3 HDMI inputs, 2 Component video inputs, a VGA input, and one composite and S-Video jack.  Features include Picture in Picture (POP)/POP, SRS audio with 2 x 10 watts amplifier and stereo speakers. The bezel is finished glossy black.

The 82” MT-HWGWT8218AM (photo above) has a rated brightness of 600 cd/m², 16.7 million display colors, 120,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, and weighs in at a massive 303 lbs. Complete specs and photos for the entire LE line can be found at LINK.  Pricing and availability for the LE models are to be announced.


The MLX series currently has a 42” model.  Its features include 120Hz refresh rate, 10 bit panel with 1.06 billion colors, 2 HDMI inputs, 2 component video inputs, a VGA input as well as composite and S-Video and includes a 6 ft. HDMI cable.  The HWJCT42B2AB retails for $1199.99 and is now available at LINK

The ML series currently offers two screen sizes 32” and 42”.  The 42” MT-HWJCT42B3AB is a 60 Hz Full HD 1080p LCD with 50,000:1 contrast ratio, 8-bit color, 5 HDMI inputs as well as VGA, 2-component video inputs, a composite video and S-video jack.  The 32” MT-HWJCT32B4AB has a 1365 x 768,  8-bit color panel and all the inputs of the 42” model, except with 2 HDMI jacks instead of 5.  A 6 ft. HDMI cable is included, as it is with every Honeywell HDTV.  The 32” and 42” were offered by Home Shopping Network (HSN), but quickly sold out.  Selling prices were $499.99 and $799.99 respectively and Honeywell plans to restock HSN within about 10 weeks. Complete specs can be found at

The SF line consists of a 22” HDTV with 1680 x 1050 resolution 16:10 panel.  It has 3 HDMI inputs, 2 component video inputs, and VGA a composite video jack.  Price and availability have not yet been revealed.

Honeywell’s O’Brien told HD Guru he plans to compete against the Vizios, and other recent market entries with better designs, engineering, higher quality control and a 5 year warranty. Its warranty is far longer than any other competing brand (most are one year parts and labor while some others only cover labor for 90 days). Read it here honeywell_5-year_warranty-1.pdf

The warranty is for the entire HDTV for one year and provides in-home service for screens 40” and larger.  Years two and three cover all parts and labor excluding the LCD panel and year four and five cover “parts only”(excluding the panel).  Honeywell has set up a network of independent servicers to provide warranty repairs.

Unlike other new brands like Vizio, Honeywell will supply a shipping carton (if needed) at no charge and if the HDTV needs to be shipped to Honeywell’s Calf.  facility in year 4 or 5, it will charge a flat labor rate of just $65 regardless of screen size!

O’Brien added Honeywell plans to sell its HDTVs soon in warehouse clubs, national and regional dealers as was as mass merchandisers like Target.

The HD Guru plans to review Honeywell HDTVs as soon as samples become available.

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  • Dennis

    You need to update this review to include the facts about Honeywell abandoning the TV division and SOYO going belly-up. Your reputation is becoming clear in that it appears you can be bought off to give a great review to a company not even in business anymore … too bad.

  • vizio lcd tv reviews

    82 inches tv? You freaked me out.

  • Honeywell TV Owner

    Sony, you are intentionally lying. There are exactly 2 reviews out on the Honeywell MLX series and none on either the ML or LE series. I talked with SOYO and they confirmed this. First was the very favorable (9.2 of 10) Benchmarks Review; see link:

    The second review by David Katzmaier at CNET is an editorial wreck. His biggest problems with the Honeywell have to do with manual calibration and the dejudder feature. Unlike most TV owners, David like to calibrate just about everything, so he has a problem with Honeywell’s automatic features. He also doesn’t think the Honeywell gets black enough. All of which I say is either contrived or Mr. Katzmaier is not qualified to test HDTVs. I actually believe the problem is that SOYO-Honeywell does not sponsor Mr. Katzmaier or CNET and therefore took a hit on the review.

    If anyone can link to another review on the Honeywell Altura MLX, I would like to see it. Not someone rehashing the CNET article, but a separate review.

  • SonyOLEDrule

    The Honeywell tv’s have received nothing but poor reviews. Do some research before you throw away your hard earned money, especially in this economy. The 42″ Honeywell grabbed my attention while I was shopping for a new tv, but after reading many independent online reviews which pointed out a very mediocre picture with terrible black levels, I quickly dropped it from my radar. If they couldnt really get the 42″ picture right, why would anyone believe that they 82″ will be any better? Good luck competing against Vizio. They already have a good share of the market and a great reputation for creating quality LCD’s for a very low price. It will be interesting to see how long Honeywell is willing to fight for to try and break into the highly competitive LCD tv market. I dont think they couldv’e picked a worse time to enter the LCD market. A full on global recession and the fact that we are already many years into the LCD tv boom. So many manufacturers have spent years building their reputations and claiming their market share, and now GE and Honeywell think that they’re going to just break into the market? I dont see it happening, but only time will tell. The Honeywell line of tv’s entered the market with poor reviews, I’m very interested in seeing how the GE tv’s fare.

  • Honeywell TV Owner

    Mexican Guru you are passing incorrect information. SOYO’s HQ is at:
    1290 E. Elm Street
    Ontario, CA 91761-4584

    This address is also recorded on all their SEC filings
    You should also be aware that the company is registered in Nevada; a common practice because taxes and laws are more favorable.

  • The Mexican Guru


    Sorry to burst your bubble but here is the address of SoYo Headquarters:

    2F, No. 32, Lane 15, Sec 6, Minquan E. Road, Neihu Distrcit, Taipei City, Taiwan, Republic of China

    Sorry Charlie


    Truly the “Deal of the Century” HDMI cable included, 5 Year Warranty, Free Shipping, Great Price. Fantastic picture, sounds beautiful, TV in piano high gloss black lacquer. Who could ask for anything more? Truly a Happy & Satisfied Camper! Fell almost like the movie theater, Pass the popcorn:) Thanks Honeywell and HSN


    Actually the Honeywell Altura LE series was first introduced almost 2 years ago, and was a commercial grade line of TV’s ranging from 42″ to 82″. My understanding was this line of Honeywell TV’s were special order only and yes very very expensive. I really don’t think you will ever see one of these unit unless you are willing to pony up large dollars and order it direct from SOYO. SOYO decided to develop a more main stream line of TV’s for the consumer which are their Honeywell Altura MLX series. The Honeywell Altura MLX line of TV’s feature a stunning picture produced from an LG 120Hz 10bit panel (see benchmark review). At CES 2009 SOYO introduced the Honeywell Altura ML series which utilize LG’s standard 60Hz 8bit panels at a very attractive price. HSN scooped a worldwide exclusive to launch the Honeywell branded Altura ML series and by all accounts “Hit a Home Run”.

  • JPC

    Nothing says down economy like an 82″ TV!

  • Manny

    Soyo is an American company from Ontario,CA not a company from Taiwan.Please visit their home page at

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