Running long HDMI cables through walls is not an easy proposition. Inexpensive cables tend to be inflexible, putting a lot of stress on the HDMI connectors. They are also thick making it difficult or sometimes impossible to get them through a wall or conduit. There’s also the issue of compatibility between various sources and displays as seen in our long cable test here.

A company called Celerity is introducing new fiber optic HDMI cables. The cables are very thin and terminate with a .27 x .35 x .98-inch connector. Celerity provides the HDMI electrical to optical converter connector for the source and display ends that snaps into the optical ends. What do they cost and when do they become available? The answers are after the break.



Celerity begins to ship in September 2012. Cable lengths start at 40 ft. and go up to 1000 ft.. In addition to the supplied convertors, Celerity also includes a USB powered “booster” that connects to the display side, if needed as sometimes there are compatibility issues with specific source/display combinations requiring a more robust signal.


The Celerity HDMI cables support high speed, 1080p, deep color, 4K, 3D, and audio return channel. They also support CEC, EDID and HDCP functionality. A red LED verifies system connectivity.

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These cables are not cheap, but are priced comparably to high-end electrical HDMI cables. Retail prices are as follows:




60 ft.-$350.00












1000 ft.-$1800.00




We are requesting a sample for testing and will report the results after testing.


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