LG has released new information on its upcoming 55EM9600 55-Inch OLED HDTV. This new big screen technology was first displayed at last month’s 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.  We’ve put all the information in the form of questions and answers covering topics including: white pixels, viewing angle, energy efficiency, wear and more. Read all the  latest news after the jump.

What is the difference between Red, Green, Blue OLED and LG’s White Ones?

White OLED uses RGB color layers which are applied to the organic layer and act as color filters for the light being emitted.  In contrast, RGB OLED requires separate red, green and blue elements be created individually for each pixel.  This is a more complex arrangement which is more costly and difficult to scale to different screen sizes.


Why Not Make A RGB OLED Panel?

Using W OLED technology is more efficient to manufacture and create various screen sizes without sacrificing picture quality

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Are There Any Advantages To Picture Quality Using White?

Both types of OLED provide expanded color gamut, infinite contrast, ultra-fast response times and thin, lightweight design possibilities.  However, we believe that WOLED offers more natural color reproduction and better off-axis viewing than RGB type.


Do The Color Filters Cut Down of Viewing Angle?



Are RGB OLEDs More Difficult To Make?

Yes, the manufacturing process allows WOLEDs  to be more easily adapted to different screen sizes and is more efficient overall.

Does White Have Better Color Stability Than RGB? Are They Energy Efficient?

Specs have not been finalized, but there’s no question that WOLED will be very energy efficient, perhaps THE most energy efficient flat-panel display technology to date.  Regarding panel life, while long-life testing is still underway, we believe our WOLED will perform quite well vis-à-vis other displays.


The Upcoming LG OLED Has Standard 2K HDTV Resolution. Is 4K Possible?

WOLED can be adapted more easily to 4K resolution.


HD Guru will continue to hound LG and other industry sources to bring you the latest news  on this exciting new big screen technology.


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