Sony said that starting today (Wednesday ) many of its Android TVs in the United States will be the first to offer expanded smart capabilities and functionality with Alexa through the new Amazon Alexa Music, Camera and TV Control app.

The electronics company said that its U.S. customers will be able to install the Alexa app on their TVs to access music, live streaming video feeds from smart home cameras and pair the TV with an Amazon smart speaker like an Echo or Dot device to garner voice control via the familiar Alexa platform.

The app will be found on Sony’s Android TV platform in the Sony Select row on the home screen, the company said.

Running the Alexa app on a compatible Sony Android TV, customers will be able to connect to popular smart home cameras from Ring, Wyze and others to monitor activity from a safe distance without ever leaving the couch.

Then, using Alexa voice control, the app will take spoken commands to control music selection and playback by asking Alexa to play a song, artist or genre through Amazon Music, Pandora, of Spotify (coming soon) and others on the TV, Sony said.

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The app also works with Sony’s Android TV skill for Alexa, allowing customers to use a paired Echo device to control playback of movies and TV shows from Prime Video and other installed apps on the TV. Additionally, customers can use Alexa voice commands to turn the TV on/off, change channels and other basic functions, hands free.

Of course, being Android TVs, Sony’s sets will also build in control by Google Assistant voice commands.

The Amazon Alexa Music, Cameras, and TV Control app is available starting today on all Works with Alexa certified Sony Android TVs. Including the following:

• All 2019 TV models
• 2018 models: A9F, A8F, Z9F, X900F, X850F, X830F, X780F, X750F
• 2017 models: A1E, X940E, X930E, X900E, X850E, X800E
• 2016 models: Z9D, X800D, X750D, X700D

By Greg Tarr

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