The 65-inch SunBriteTV Veranda Series SB-6574UHD ($3,500 retail).

As more and more Americans look to take their big-screen fun outdoors to elaborate patios, decks and outdoor living spaces three TV manufacturers who attended the recent CEDIA Expo 2016 in Dallas, Texas rolled out some advanced new all-weather approaches.

SunBrite TV, which for the past few years has been trying to break into the mainstream market, used the backing of its new owner to put out a line of TVs that are priced very close to equivalently sized indoor models.

Meanwhile, MirageVision continued its mission of customizing name brand indoor TVs for outdoor applications, bringing some of the first OLED and high dynamic range (HDR) 4K models to the backyard.

At the same time, Séura, which has long offered lines of Séura Storm TVs, continued the roll out of its 84-inch 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TVs in both shaded and ultra bright (direct sunlight) applications.

Peerless also showed its line of UltraView Full HD 1080p outdoor televisions along with supporting outdoor sound bar and wireless HD transmitter systems for applications where cable runs are problematic.

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SunBrite TV, which was acquired by connected-home technology resource SnapAV last year, recently unveiled its new Veranda Series of affordably priced 4K Ultra HD direct lit outdoor LED LCD TVs.

The Veranda series was developed to hit aggressive price points. The line has models available in three screen sizes — 43-inch SB-4374UHD ($1,500 estimate retail), 55-inch SB-5574UHD ($2,000 estimated retail) and 65-inches SB-6574UHD ($3,500 estimated retail) – and are slated to ship this month. Prices are roughly half of those asked for the previous entry level SunBrite TV Signature Series.

To reduce cost, the Veranda Series TVs are designed to be placed in shaded areas, and not in direct sun, enabling them to output picture brightness levels that are approximately 30 percent brighter than typical indoor TVs of similar sizes. Outdoor models made for areas that get direct sunlight are required to achieve brighter images while providing more adequate system cooling. This contributes to higher costs.

The Veranda models are fully water/weather proof and can sustain temperatures ranging from 24-degrees to 104-degrees, the company said.

SunBrite TV Veranda models are made of rust-proof powder-coated aluminum exteriors, large media bays and have installation-friendly cable access ports.  install-friendly cable entry access points.

The line was developed in consultation with SunBriteTV dealers who said they required waterproof televisions they could seller at lower-than-typical-prices for the product segment.

The TVs are capable of withstanding environmental elements such as temperatures ranging from -24-degrees to 104-degrees, as well as rain, dust, moisture, grease and insects.

Other features include HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 inputs that are compatibility with 4K sources and streaming services; large media bay with room for popular media players, cables, baluns, and extenders ad built-in 20-Watt down-firing speakers.

MirageVision, which since 2004 has been adapting/altering name brand indoor televisions with waterproofing for use in outdoor settings, introduced at the recent CEDIA Expo several new lines of outdoor displays highlighted by a line of Samsung OHD/OMD models with super-bright SUHD panels with high dynamic range capability listing peak brightness levels of up 2500 nits.

The company also said it is offering 55-inch/65-inch Mirage Vision outdoor super-bright OLED 4K Ultra HD TVs with HDR capability which have cabinets specially adapted by Mirage Vision for use outdoors.

The company said it takes typical off-the-shelf indoor TV models and customizes them for outdoor using using its IP 67 LED panel overlay. The sets have also been alter for outdoor daytime viewing. MirageVision has developed Outdoor Picture/Image Calibration (MPET) and Image Processor (MVVP) systems that help the indoor TVs perform exceptionally well in outdoor daylight or nighttime conditions. The company’s products are sold through custom residential system installers for backyard use and commercial installers, for use at hotels, resorts, bars, etc.

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Séura demonstrated at the recent CEDIA Expo its latest 84-inch outdoor 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TV in the Séura Storm Ultra Bright. The all-weather display is designed for use in a wide range of weather conditions including use in direct sunlight.

Unlike huge flat-panel TVs that can create decorating nightmares in some interior living spaces, the 84-inch Séura Storm Ultra Bright is the right size for viewing a picture across the yard or patio. The company said the screen is designed to offer a premium 4K viewing experience sitting as close as five feet from the screen to as far away as 50 feet.

The Séura Storm Ultra Bright carries a $19,499 suggested retail price and is available now. The company also offers an 84-inch 4K Séura Storm model designed for use in shaded areas at a $14,999 suggested retail. The company its products primarily through custom installers and AV specialty retail stores.

Peerless showed its new line of UltraView Outdoor TVs in a range of screen sizes including the 49-inch and 65-inch ($5,999 retail) models  on display at CEDIA Expo. The TVs feature Full HD 1080p LED LCD screens and are billed as all-season displays for outdoor entertainment.

In addition to being 100 percent sealed against the elements, Peerless UltraView Outdoor TVs are weather-resistant, maintenance-free, and capable of withstanding temperature fluctuations from -24°F to 122°F, the company said.

To support the TVs, Peerless also showed its Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar, with 180 watts of total power, Bluetooth compatibility, and full-range audio (50Hz-20kHz).

Also on display was the new Peerless PeerAir Pro Wireless AV Multi-Display System (HDS300), which offers wireless connectivity to a distance of 210 feet. The system is said to be able to multicast Full HD 1080p and passive 3D signals wirelessly to up to six displays. A pass-through port on the transmitter allows adding a seventh display via a local wired connection. The company also showed its PeerAir Wireless HD Multimedia System (HDS-WHDI100), with a wireless distance of 100 feet.

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