PowerVision Robot Corp. is now offering its PowerEgg X Personal Artifical Intelligence (AI) Camera and drone in a couple of package options. The combination drone and “autonomous camera” is said to be capable of helping content creators and vloggers record themselves in up to 4K/60p video quality or up to 24-megapixel stills from the air or on land.

The San Mateo, CA-based company, which specializes in the development of smart drones, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality, called the PowerEgg X “the ultimate tool for content creators.”

First introduced in January, the camera was said to have been updated with firmware and optimized with new drone apps for enhanced performance. It is available now from Amazon, Best Buy and other online electronics sites at an $899 retail price for the “Explorer package.” It will also be available as part of a $1,249 waterproof “Wizard package.”

The waterproof housing will be available shortly as an aftermarket accessory. The PowerEgg X Wizard package includes an extra battery and three extra pairs of propellers along with the waterproof accessories.

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The PowerEgg X is said to deliver high quality pro-level video and stills. The drone has 6GB of internal storage capacity, a 1/2.8 inch CMOS sensor with 12 million effective pixels .

PowerEgg X in Drone Configuration

Capable of operating as an autonomous personal AI camera, the smart device is a hand holdable 3-axis AI camera that also can be used as a high-performance drone. It combines drone camera technology, HD camcorder, and AI Technology for great flexibility of use, PowerVision Robot Corp. said. The drone’s max speed is 40mph for a range is about 3.7 miles. It detects obstacles in front and below, and includes return-to-home and follow-me features, the company said.

“No matter if creators are filming their next vlog, getting some epic aerial B-roll to help set the scene, or need smooth footage at the skate park, the PowerEgg X has them covered,” the company said in the product launch announcement.

“Three years in development and over 100 technology patents later, the PowerEgg X is truly a one-of-a-kind device,” said Wally Zheng, PowerVision CEO. “We designed this device with the content creator in mind. Packed with useful features, the PowerEgg X makes it easier for users to create the content that they already love making. Plus, through a companion app, users can easily create short videos to share on social media instantly.”

The company said the PowerEgg X is also a cost-effective camcorder with 4K/60fps HD resolution and a three-axis gimbal. The device features a fully modular design, allowing users to quickly switch between: autonomous personal AI camera mode, handheld gimbal camera mode, or smart drone mode.

“It’s also currently the only consumer drone capably of flying in the rain and taking off/landing on water, made possible by its IPX6 rated waterproof case,” the company said.

The PowerEgg X is currently being used by content creators across popular social media platforms from YouTube to Instagram for self-generated high quality video production. It was developed to simplify one-man video production with aerial shooting capability, and thus makes it an effective communication tool in the environment of social distancing.

To use the camera at home or in the studio, content producers need only attach it to a tripod (not included), and turn on the PowerEgg X’s AI Camera Mode.

The device tracks and records subjects using facial recognition, deep learning, and a tracking field of view up to 170 degrees to keep subjects in the middle of the frame, even when running or rapidly moving around.

Other tools for easy use by vloggers is a gesture control feature that allows taking a photo, recording video, and tracking movements by making gestures that are triggered from what the company calls “a massive deep-learning gesture database.”

In handheld shooting mode the PowerEgg X leverages its three-axis mechanical-stability augmentation gimbal to record smooth stable footage. This is said to be superior to shots captured using optical image stabilization techniques. The device has a battery life of 3.5 hours per charge.

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By Greg Tarr

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