Netflix, the leader in 4K Ultra High Definition streaming services, has raised their rates, while continuing to add more 4K content with the recent additions of The Blacklist and Smurfs 2.

We contacted Netflix today for the details.

The Netflix spokesperson contacted via email confirmed that new subscribers, or current subscribers with newly purchased 4K UHD TVs, now will have to pay $11.99 to receive 4K streaming content. This is a $4 increase for HD users that signed on prior to May 9th, 2014.

Current subscribers already paying for 4K content (prior to August 12th) will be grandfathered into the older $7.99 a month plan until August 12th, 2016 according to a Netflix customer service representative.  The new 4K plan also permits up to 4 devices to play simultaneously.

Netflix raised  the price of its standard HD package from $7.99 to $8.99 for new subscribers on May 9th.

Netflix has also solved the problems with Verizon FiOS, now allowing customers of both  broadband providers to consistently play in 3840 x 2160 resolution.

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Earlier this year, Netflix was forced to pay fees to Comcast and Verizon for peering agreements to permit their subscribers to be able to stream 4K at the higher speeds needed for viewing.

This new price increase is not a surprise, as Netflix’s costs increased with the agreements. Comcast has around 20.6 million broadband subscribers (as of end of 2013 source: Leichtman Research) while Verizon FiOS has 6.2 million (as of Q1 2014 source: Multichannel News).


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