Samsung just released its latest pricing to dealers and we’ve added more plasma models. We’ve also updated Samsung’s 2012 LED prices here.

Good news for potential buyers, the prices have again adjusted downward with new 60-Inch  screen size models starting at under $2000.

New for 2012 plasma includes 60-inch (replacing 59-inch), voice control, gesture remote, face recognition (8000) and dual core processor (8000 and 7000)

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E8000 series: 1080p, real black pro panel, 3D, Smart TV, web browser, gesture and voice remote, built-in camera

PN51E8000     $2249

PN60E8000     $2799

PN64E8000     $3599

PNE7000 series: 1080p real black pro panel, 3D, smart TV, web browser

PN51E7000     $1499

PN60E7000     $2299

PN64E7000     $3099

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PNE6500 series: 1080p real black panel, 3D, smart TV, web browser

PN51E6500     $1399

PN60E6500     $1999

PN64E6500     $TBA


E550 series: 1080p, real black panel, 3D, smart TV, web browser

PN43E550 TBA

PN51E550 $1199

PN60E550 $1799

PN64E550 $2499

E530 series: 1080p, real black panel

PN60E530 $1499

E490 series: 720p, 3D

PN43E490 $TBA

PN51E490 $719

E450 series:720p

PN43E450 $499




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