This past weekend the HD Guru® surveyed managers of two regional CE chains on Long Island, NY. They spoke about very low sales and very light floor traffic, due to the Wall St. financial meltdown.  One manager commented “this has been the slowest week since 9/11”!  In an attempt to keep moving inventory and counter consumers’ Fears, Uncertainties and Doubts (FUD) the HDTV makers are once again lowering the retail pricing on HDTVs and have increased the use of “instant rebates”.

Sony, LG and Samsung reduced prices up to $200 on select models, while other set makers are using a subtler approach, quietly offering “instant rebates” to dealers.  The manufacturers expect retailers to use the additional discount as a “sale price” reduction.

Here is a list of price reductions this week.  Use this article as a guide. Remember, these are manufacturers’ suggested retails and not the far lower, heavily discounted prices you will find at the HD Guru’s Pricegrabber Shopping Banner Ad (on the lower left side of this page), or at your regional or nation consumer electronics retailer.

Sony LCD                  Now                 Was

KDL-46S4100B       $1499.99        $1599.99
KDL-46S4100S       $1499.99        $1599.99
KDL-40W4100        $1799.99        $1899.99
KDL-40Z4100/B      $2199.99        $2299.99
KDL-40Z4100/S      $2199.99        $2299.99
KDL-52V4100         $2299.99        $2499.99
KDL-46V4100         $1799.99        $1999.99
KDL-40V4000         $1399.99        $1499.99


47LG50                   $1699.99        $1799.99
52LG50                   $2299.99        $2499.99
52LG70                   $2599.99        $2799.99
32LG30                   $799.99          $849.99

Samsung Plasma

PN58A550                $3499.99        $3599.99
PN50A450                $1399.99        $1499.99

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