The Mohu Chroma antenna will be available in two color combinations for up to 65-mile OTA reception range.

Mohu, the over-the-air indoor TV antenna manufacturer, recently introduced a “designer” flat indoor TV antenna, called the Leaf Chroma, for cord cutters looking to have their equipment fit their room decor.

The Chroma comes in the style of the company’s popular Leaf flat antenna series. It is initially available in two reversible color schemes including Frost Blue/Midnight Black and Tranquil Gray/Easy Beige.

The company said more color combinations will be coming soon.

According to Mohu, the color combinations were chosen after polling its customers who voted for “devices that embody the sleek and modern design you expect from a Mohu antenna, with an added pop of color.”

Read more about the Mohu Chroma antenna after the jump:

The Mohu Leaf Chroma antenna is available for purchase now on at a $69.99 suggested retail and will be available on Amazon shortly.

The flat Leaf Chroma measures 25 x 7 inches and is a flat rectangular wall-mountable mat connected via a 16-foot high-performance cable.

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Mohu said the Chroma has a 65-mile reception range, and is amplified by Jolt with Clean Peak filter technology, which Mohu bills as a sophisticated amplifier that removes unwanted RF signals while boosting the desired ones.

The Mohu Leaf Chroma is said to be multi-directional, and does not require pointing to receive signals within the reception range. It is also easy to install and use.


By Greg Tarr

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