(July 8, 2010) Earlier this month, Mitsubishi introduced its 2010 HDTVs to the press at its New York City line show.  For 2010 Mitsubishi is offering a its 2nd generation 3D capable laser powered 75″ Digital Light Processor (DLP) rear projector, 6 LED LCDs in three series and 13-3D capable DLP rear projectors in four series.

Its flat panels and rear projectors represent a significant departure from any other vendors’ product lines. All 2010 Mitsubishi HDTVs are 1080p, and all are big screens with sizes from 40″ -55″ for LED flat panels and 60″ and above for DLP Cinema rear projeciton HDTVs.

LaserVue TV

The L75-A91 features a 75″ screen with a depth of 15″ and an available wall mounting bracket. It is the only TV available using three (red, blue, green) lasers. Mitsubishi increased efficiency over the previous generation, lowering power consumption to just 128 watts.

The L75-A75 features include: Cinema Color for a color gamut similar to color seen in digital projector equipped commercial movie theaters; StreamTV Internet Media (including VUDU movies, Pandora music and Flickr and Picasa photo);12-bit signal processing, 4 HDMI inputs; USB media input, 3D (Blu-ray, cable and satellite) capability with its optional ($399) 3D starter pack consisting of the 3DA-1 3D adapter, two pairs of  Mitsubishi 3D glasses, an IR emitter and a Disney 3D Blu-ray demo disc.

3D DLP Home Cinema TV

The rear projection line-up features screen sizes from 60″ to 82″. Mitsubishi is the only remaining rear projection TV manufacturer. For a consumer seeking a really big screen at a very reasonable price (see chart below), consider a Mitsubishi DLP. Yes, they are deeper than a flat panel (i.e. 15.1″/60″ screen size, 16″/65″, 17.9″/73″) however; the majority of flat panels end up on stands or in wall units negating any advantage to a thinner design. There are four series, the C10 series (pricing NA), the 638, 738 and 838 series

All have 3D capability and feature a six color processor, 1080p (2D) and four picture modes. The step up 738 series adds StreamTV™ Internet Media, Wireless Internet Ready (Optional Adapter)  1080p 5G 12-bit Video Processor, 120Hz, Advanced Video Calibration and a Universal Remote Control. The top of the line 838 series adds 16 Speaker Immersive Sound Technology (more on this below), 32W Total System Power, Bluetooth A2DP Audio Streaming, Center Channel Mode, Surround Pre-amp outputs, Variable Subwoofer Output, New Cosmetics w/Blue Light Accent, Dark Detail Enhancer, PerfectColor and PerfecTint Color Management, ISFccc Advanced Video Adjustments, 4 HDMI™ with CEC, NetCommand Remote, a Wired IR input and a USB Media Input (Photos & Music).

The 3D Capabilities of DLP

Every Mitsubishi DLP can play 3D content with the use of the optional 3D Starter pack. The result, is a very bright image that is virtually free from crosstalk artifacts often seen with LED and LCD 3D displays. This is due to the very high switching speeds of the DLP chip. They are far faster than any LED lit LCD HDTV. The Mitsubishi reproduces 3D at the same resolution as broadcast over cable or satellite at 960 x 1080 resolution per eye.

Later this summer, Mitsubishi will be providing a free firmware upgrade to the 738 and 838 series products that will eliminate the need for the 3DA-1 converter for 3D viewing. The sets will be able to be viewed by simply using a pair of Mitsubishi 3D glasses and connecting the infra-red emitter.

Unisen Immersive Sound LED TVs

Mitsubishi line of LED LCD HDTVs offers features not found in any line other flat panel HDTV. All models include Mitsubishi unique built-in surround sound bar which reproduces movie and TV soundtracks in surround sound without rear speakers! All the Mitsubishi Unisen LED TVs sound far clearer and can play much louder without audible distortion than any other HDTV on the market today.

All models are LED edge lit, providing superior color and lower power consumption than the old fashioned CCFL lamps found in many other LCD TVs.

All models are either 120Hz or 240Hz depending on the series. It breaks down as follows (from the Mitsubishi press release.)

” All 154, 164 and Diamond 265 series Unisen Immersive Sound LED TV models for 2010 include Edge-Lit LED Backlight, Multi-Speaker Immersive Sound Technology with Variable Subwoofer Output and Center Channel Mode, StreamTVâ„¢ Internet Media, new Thin Depth Design, True120Hz, Energy Starâ„¢ 4.0 Qualified, Clear Contrast Panel, Plush 1080p® 5G 12-bit Digital Video Processing, 6-Color Processorâ„¢, 4 HDMIâ„¢, Deep Colorâ„¢ and x.v.Colorâ„¢, Easy Connectâ„¢, USB Media Input, and Detachable IEC Power Cord.

The MDEA 164 series is available in 40, 46 and new 55-inch screen sizes, and in addition to the features above, includes 16-Speaker Immersive Sound Technology, Built-in Wireless Internet, Bluetooth A2DP Audio Streaming, EdgeEnhanceâ„¢, DeepField Imagerâ„¢ and Advanced Video Calibration.

The MDEA Diamond 265 series is available in 46 and new 55-inch screen sizes. In addition to all features within the 154 and 164 series, each Diamond model includes 18-Speaker Immersive Sound Technology, True240Hz, new Thin Depth Design with Blue Light Accent, Plush1080p® 5G 18-Bit Digital Video Processing, iPhone Remote Control App, Audio Calibration Microphone, Perfect Colorâ„¢, PerfectTintâ„¢, ISFccc® Advanced Video Adjustments, NetCommand, and Wired IR input.”

The  chart below contains the prices and availability and screen sizes of the Mitsubishi 2010 DLPs and LED TVs

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