(March 18,2011) Big screen TV maker Mitsubishi announced today that it is exiting the LCD TV market this year to concentrate on its DLP rear projection business.

Mitsubishi remains the only maker of rear projection televisions sold in the US with an assembly plant in Mexicali, Mexico. The company has a storied name in the TV business, having introduced the first 35″ CRT in the 1980s and one of the first plasma TVs in 1997.

An early proponent of rear projection TVs, Mitsubishi made an early transition from big screen CRT models to lamp driven microdisplay sets. As the TV industry moved on to flat panels, Mitsubishi opted not to built its own LCD panel factory, relying instead on outside vendors.

They currently offer 2010 models in 60-Inch , 65-Inch , 73-Inch and 82-Inch screen sizes. All feature 3D capability. Rear projection provides viewers with the biggest HDTV screens for the lowest prices in the industry (article link), starting at under $850.00 for the 60-inch model widescreen 1080p HDTV and under $1200 for a 73-inch. By comparison the largest LED LCD offered today is a 65-Inch The Samsung models prices begin at over $4000. (Sharp and LG will begin selling a 70-inch and 72-inch models respectively, later this year for even higher prices).

Mitsubishi UHP lamp and Laser driven rear projectors will continue with 2011 models in sizes 73-inches and above according to its corporate communications department.  Mitsubishi announced at 2011 CES  92-inch model to ship later this year.

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