Back in July 2010 we wrote about an upcoming one piece solution that will allow the 700,000 owners of legacy Samsung DLP rear projectors to view 3D content from  cable, satellite and Blu-ray 3D disc on their 2007 and 2008 model year HDTVs (link). A kit is now available directly from Mitsubishi.

Called the 3DC-100S, the package consists of a new Mitsubishi 3D signal adapter, a remote control for the adapter, two pairs of active Mitsubishi 3D glasses, an infra-red emitter (to sync the glasses to the 3D TV), a 3D demo Disney Blu-ray disc and one HDMI connection cable.

The adapter will only work with specified series of Samsung DLP rear projection televisions and twelve series of Mitsubishi rear projectors. It will not work with Samsung’s pre-2010 series 3D capable plasma TVs.

The list (provided by Misubishi) of the 19 compatible Samsung models is as follows:

HL61A650C1F,HL50A650C1F,HL56A650C1F,HL72A650C1F,HL61A750A1F,HL67A7501F,HL-T5075S,HL-T4675S,HL-T5675S,HL-T6776S,HL-5076S,HL-T5676S,HL-T5687S,HL-T5087S, HT6187S,HL-T7288S,HL-T5089S,HL-T569S,HL-T6189S.

The package sells for $449.00 and is currently only sold by Mitsubishi on its website (link).

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