Good news for Xbox fans and owners of Windows 10 computer products.

Microsoft has joined the Movies Anywhere digital movie locker program that is gradually replacing the UltraViolet for content access across distribution services.

Unlike UltraViolet, Movies Anywhere uses Disney’s digital Key Chest encryption system and is now backed by most studios, with the exception of a few holdouts including Paramount and Lionsgate. Popular streaming services that work with Movies Anywhere include: Amazon, Google Play Movies, Apple iTunes, Fandango and Vudu.

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With Microsoft’s involvement, users of Xbox and Windows 10 products will have access to eligible movies in the Xbox and Windows Movies & TV app.

This way users can purchase Movies Anywhere eligible films from the Microsoft Movies & TV app and be able to watch them on other Movies Anywhere supported platforms including: iOS, Android, and streaming devices. They can also purchase movies on other platforms and access them on Windows 10 and Xbox devices.

Users will need to sync the Movies Anywhere and Microsoft accounts to access their entire library Movies Anywhere eligible content on the Microsoft Movies & TV app.

When UltraViolet was launched its was strongly attuned to providing a content locker that let purchasers of Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray movie discs access those same programs at no additional cost on linked streaming service accounts as well as between service accounts. Movies Anywhere, which launched last fall, has much the same functionality, with greater emphasis on cross streaming service and devices access. However, so far support remains limited to the United States and only includes content with resolutions up to 1080p.

Microsoft’s involvement brings Movies Anywhere a powerful new member as support for the service rapidly builds near unanimous support of key players from each segment of the home entertainment ecosystem.


By Greg Tarr


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