As of today, the Federal Trade Commission requires all HDTVs manufacturers that sell products from their websites and all HDTV etailers to post a copy of the new energy consumption labels.

HD Guru researched the major set makers websites along with the top TV selling websites and discovered a significant number are not complying.

The new labels list how much energy a given set consumes and compares the usage to a range of others similar screen sizes.

All TVs made after May 10th must have these labels visible, and websites now must have them available (given consumers can’t physically see the television).

Below is a list of the companies not complying and further information about the law and penalties.

No labels on the website with Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, and others.
Most 2011 models do not have labels or links., CompUSA, and Tiger Direct
No labels on 2011 models.

We will update this list throughout the week if the above etailers add the required information.

The FTC penalty for non compliance is up to $110 per day per model. This could easily amount to several thousand dollars a day. This is also the fine if stores are found to be ripping the labels off the TVs. spoke to an FTC official, who told us they enforce their regulations, or consumers can file a complaint at

The following is a transcript of the rest of HDGuru’s conversation with the FTC.

HDGuru: Do TV makers that don’t sell TVs from their websites still have to post the label information?
FTC: Yes. For each television model that a manufacturer distributes in commerce, the manufacturer must make a copy of the label available on a publicly accessible website in a manner that allows catalog (and websites) sellers to hyperlink to the label or download it for use in catalogs (and websites) that advertise televisions.

HDGuru: If a etailer or TV maker that sells TVs from their website does not post the labels by July 11, 2011, what if any penalties are there?
FTC: Such violations are subject to civil penalties up to $110 per day per model.

HDGuru: What is the procedure to make FTC aware of non-compliance. Does someone need to submit a complaint or is the FTC policing it?
FTC: Complaints may be submitted at

HDGuru: If there is non compliance does the etailer/selling TV maker get fined or a warning at first? Is there a grace period from a warning to comply,
how long is it?
FTC: The FTC has authority to enforce the labeling requirements and such enforcement can take a variety of forms. However, FTC staff generally does not discuss the details of enforcement practices.

HDGuru: What is the penalty for a person other than the end consumer removing the label (as per the warning on the label.)
FTC: Up to $110 per unit.


—Gary Merson and Geoff Morrison

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