For those not ready for the possibly invasive voice-control revolution, or who prefer the speed and reliability of typing, audio video and computer accessories manufacturers Logitech introduced this week a Bluetooth TV keyboard with integrated touchpad and D-Pad.

The Logitech K600 TV Keyboard with integrated touchpad and D-Pad will hit retail shelves in October at a $69.95 suggested retail price.

Using the wireless device, users with smart TVs will be able to use the K600 for easy text entry in apps and menus, and will enjoy precise menu and cursor control, the company said.

The keyboard can be used to easily search for the content you want to watch and navigate web pages using TV web browsers quickly and with familiarity and comfort.

The K600 uses a standard key layout and is quiet, and comfortable to type on. It features an always-in-reach touchpad and D-pad to navigate, select and control apps and web pages.

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The design includes a curved shape that enables storing the keyboard face down on any table. It also sits comfortably in the lap while typing and is slim and light enough to hold for easy two-hand navigation, Logitech said.

Dedicated media and navigation keys, including “home” and “volume” buttons, to perform tasks typically performed with a remote control.

The unit’s wireless low-power Bluetooth connectivity has a 49-foot range, while the average lifespan of the pair of AAA batteries that powers the device is listed at 12-months. Logitech supplies a pair of AAA batteries with the keyboard.

The Logitech K600 TV Keyboard will connect to up to three devices, and includes an on/off power switch and status LED.

Logitech said the K600 TV Keyboard will work with select smart TV models from Samsung, LG, Sony Bravia and Philips. It is also compatible with select Toshiba and Insignia-branded TVs powered by the Fire TV OS. Follow this link to check model compatibility.

It will also work with Windows PCs, Mac, and iOS or Android mobile devices.

The keyboard also includes Logitech Easy-Switch to curate entertainment from multiple sources using a Smart TV, PC or mobile device.


By Greg Tarr


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