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(April 18, 2010) The mainstream media reports an amazing amount of incorrect, misleading and false 3D information, almost every day, or so it seems. Here, in no particularly order, is our Part 2 list of the most common reporting errors.

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Part 3  will be published later this week.

5-All 3D HDTVs have similar performance.

We’ve tested the Panasonic and Samsung 3D TVs as well as sampled the latest Sony Bravia 3D sets at this week’s NAB tradeshow and found significant performance differences among brands. Sony has almost eliminated screen flicker in the latest demo of its upcoming 3D LED TV, while the Samsung LED and Panasonic plasma sets are flicker free. Unfortunately, Sony still has a long way to go in reducing ghost images (crosstalk) when displaying 3D content. Sony will begin shipping their first 3D TVs in June.

6-You must purchase the same brand Blu-ray player as the 3D HDTV (incredibly, a panelist at the recent Digital Cinema Summit at NAB made this claim).

The 3D Blu-ray standard offers interoperability of any player and any “Full HD” 3D TV and while Samsung currently offers two free pairs of 3D glasses if you buy one of its 3D TVs as well as a Samsung 3D capable Blu-ray player or 3D  Blu-ray “home theater in a box,” the incentive is financial, not technical.

XpanD-glasses.4257-3D Glasses must be the same brand as the 3D TV

True for now, but not for long. XpanD plans to introduce 3D glasses in the third quarter that will be cross compatible with different brands of 3D displays. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) 3D working group expects an interoperability standard for all brands of 3D glasses within the next 2-4 months, according to a CEA representative on the NAB panel. Expect TV makers to introduce these glasses early next year.

8-You must buy new HDMI cables for 3D TV connection.

Any HDMI category 2 cable is fully compatible with 3D equipment. Most HDMI cables offered for the last few years are category 2, so there is an excellent chance that your current legacy cables can do the job.

Edited by Michael Fremer

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