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(April 21, 2010) The mainstream media reports an amazing amount of incorrect, misleading and false 3D information, almost every day, or so it seems. Below is Part 3. You can find Part 1 at HD Guru3D  here and Part 2 here.

9-All 2010 Audio Video Receivers are 3D ready

AVR HDMI source switching to a Full HD 3D TV will require a 3D ready 2010 receiver. All  major AVR manufacturers announced specific 3D ready models. Note though that 2010 Yamaha AVRs are not out-of-the-box 3D ready and require a future (TBA) firmware upgrade. Make sure the unit you are considering is 3D capable at the time you buy your first 3D TV. We know of no legacy AVRs capable of switching signals to a Full HD 3D TV or of any firmware upgrades for older models.

10-3D TV “Glasses” and “Goggles” Are Interchangeable Terms

Numerous journalists incorrectly use the terms interchangeably. Goggles are protective glasses that fit snugly against the face, which requires a wrap around band or strap (see photo). No home 3D glasses have straps or bands; they fit over your ears like sunglasses and are generally large enough to fit   over your own eyeglasses.

11-You will need a new cable or satellite set top box to view upcoming 3D content.

All HD set top boxes can display broadcast type 3D signals. There are two standards. One for the two images placed side-by-side squeezed together, the other for two images appearing as top-bottom, squeezed vertically. We have already recorded the 3D Masters Golf Tournament in 3D on a TiVo Premiere and a Scientific Atlanta (Cisco) cable DVR without a hitch.

12-Glasses-Free Full HD 3D TV is just around the corner.

Numerous technical issues exist with glasses-free (called auto-stereoscopic 3D) displays.   Current technology and standards divide the resolution by the number of viewers. For example, with four glasses-free viewing positions, each viewer sees just one quarter of full resolution. Many other technical issues have to be addressed before multi-viewer, full resolution, auto-stereoscopic 3D TV becomes a reality.

Later this year you’ll see glasses-free single viewer, hand held 3D video games and computer monitors since single “sweet spot” viewer positioning is practical. Best early “guesstimates” for multiple viewer Full HD 3D is 10 years, although set makers may experiment with three or four viewer systems somewhat sooner.

Edited by Michael Fremer

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