LG’s 77″ Signature G6 4K Ultra HD OLED TV hits stores next month.

LG revealed at CEDIA Expo 2016 that its 77-inch G6 flat-screen Signature Series 4K Ultra HD OLED TV is almost ready for market.

The large screen OLED set, which was an HD Guru Best of Show winner at CES 2016 last January, will be joining the popular 65-inch that has already been available in stores. Pre-orders begin on September 17th with deliveries to follow in early October.

The mammoth OLED set carries a $19,999 suggested retail price and will come with the support of the new LG Signature Concierge service. This will provide purchasers with hand-holding service attention, helping new owners set up and use the new TV, and provide remote diagnostics or in-home service if required in the event that something goes wrong.

“The premium TV customer that wants a screen size larger than 65-inches no longer has to compromise on picture quality,” said Tim Alessi, LG new product development director. “

In addition, LG said it is giving purchasers a limited time bonus after they register the product including: a $200 American Express gift card and LG G Pad Tablet.

Purchasers will also get access to “special invitations” to follow.

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LG’s new large-screen OLED represents a remarkable achievement in getting the expensive-to-produce emissive display technology that large. OLED screens offer a variety of advantages over LED LCD TV technology, not the least of which are the industry’s deepest black levels. This year the TVs have also gotten significantly brighter which serves well in handling new 4K UHD content with high dynamic range (HDR).

This year all 2016 LG OLED models will playback two HDR flavors – HDR 10 and Dolby Vision.

The G6 Signature Series models also incorporate a Harmon Kardon developed sound bar at the base of the screen. This offers built-in high quality sound, and can be configured for wall mounting applications.

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Importantly, the G6 Series also includes a new “picture on glass” design that places a thin transparent border trim around the screen making the picture appear to be floating on a sheet of glass.

The 2016 LG OLEDs all offer 10-bit panels and processing, render more than a billion possible colors and provide the widest possible viewing angles of any currently available TV technology.

Products like the OLED77G6P are helping LG Electronics move to the top of the premium TV list in the specialty AV and custom installation markets, said Alessi.

“If you take a look at the ultra-premium category of television, those that have a selling price of $2,500 or more, in 2014 LG was in a distant third place with low-single-digit market share. Last year we expanded the lineup, got more promotional with it, and did a really strong retail integration program and sales have really started to take off,” Alessi said. “In 2015 we moved up to about 14 percent market share [in the premium TV category] and now with what we are seeing here today we have attained almost 30 percent market share and in the most recent reporting we were tied for No. 1. So OLED has certainly done its job in not only pushing the limits of picture quality but also in helping our sales.”

Countering speculation that OLED panels have a relatively short lifespan as well as answering rival Samsung’s recent announcement of a lifetime warranty against “burn-in” on its 2016 SUHD LED LCD TVs, Alessi said LG’s OLED technology is now rated at 100,000-hours to half brightness.

“If you are a baby today watching the TV five hours a day, you’ll be 55 years old before the TV hits half brightness. So, I don’t think you have anything to worry about in terms of OLED [panel brightness] longevity,” Alessi said.

By Greg Tarr


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