LG will be showing four new series of UHDTVs at the forthcoming CES in Las Vegas. The line is headed up by a 105-inch curved LCD model with a 21:9 aspect ratio screen, and extends all the way down to the under-50-inch  range. Read on for  details.

LG’s four new series of UHDTVs, and many of its new regular HD models, all feature the company’s overhauled WebOS Smart TV UI, controlled of course by the company’s trademark Magic Remote. LG characterizes WebOS as a content-driven interface, one that relies heavily on a horizontally scrolling launcher bar located at the bottom of the screen (with live video in the background). That feature alone makes it a big improvement over last year’s Smart UI. Most models also have Cinema 3D for viewing 3D content with inexpensive passive glasses. And unlike the LCD TVs from many other makers, LG’s sets utilize an IPS LCD panel to ensure uniform contrast and color over a wide viewing angle. Pricing and availability for all models is yet to be announced, though we expect to see a few hit stores as soon as March.

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UC9 Ultra HDTV

The crown jewel in LG’s Ultra HD lineup, the 105-inch UC9 has a curved 21:9 screen that matches the ultra-wide aspect ratio of Cinemascope movies. Along with having the core LG TV features mentioned above, the only other thing we know about the UC9 is that it has a 240 Hz refresh rate. (We’re pretty sure it’s also going to be expensive…)

UB9800 Ultra HDTVs

LG’s UB9800 Series consists of models with 65-, 79-, 84- and 98-inch screens. These sets have a 240 Hz refresh rate and a Harman-developed multichannel audio system (4.2 channels on the 65-inch, 5.2 on the 79-inch and 7.2 on the 84- and 98-inch models).

UB9500 and UB8500 Ultra HDTVs

LG’s mid-level UB9500 Series UHDTVs will arrive with 55- and 65-inch screens, while the entry-level UB8500 Series will be available in 49- and 55-inch screen sizes. Both have the core LG TV features mentioned above and appear to be differentiated mainly by refresh rate (240 Hz on the 9500 Series, 120 Hz on the 8500 Series).


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