From a display tech standpoint, LG can claim the largest, most interesting range of new TVs to be rolled out at CES. The company has everything from OLEDs (which we already covered here) to curved, ultra-wide 4K LCDs (read about those here) to plasma models in the pipeline for 2014. More info on the regular HDTVs and plasmas (Blu-ray players , too) after the break.


LB7100/7200 Series HDTVs

This year’s flagship regular HDTV lines from LG are the LB7100 and LB7200 Series models. These come in 55-, 60-, 65- and 70-inch screen sizes and have a 240 Hz refresh rate. A TruBlack feature allows for local dimming of the edge-lit LED backlight and runs in tandem with a High Dynamic Range algorithm to boost contrast.

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LB6500/LB6300 Series HDTVs

Stepping down the line, we come to LG’s LB6500 and LB6300 Series HDTVs. The 6500 Series comes in 47-, 50-, 55- and 60-inch screen sizes, while the 6300 Series adds 42- and 65-inch models to the line. Both sport LG’s core features and have a 120 Hz refresh rate. The key difference between them is that the 6300 Series omits 3D.

PN6900/PB6600/PB5600 Series Plasma HDTVs

There are not a lot of details to be had concerning LG’s various 1080p plasma lines other than that each comes in a 50-inch screen size, while the PB6600 Series adds a 60-incher. (I guess the fact that LG is still making new plasmas at all is news-worthy.)

Blu-ray Players

LG can always be counted on to roll out a few new Blu-ray players, and this year it has three offerings. The BP740 is a 3D model with 4K upscaling, Smart TV features (with Magic Remote), a Web Browser, Miracast, and a Private Sound mode to stream audio to Bluetooth headphones. LG’s mid-level player is the BP540, which has 3D, Smart TV, and Private Sound features, while the entry-level BP340 is limited to 3D playback plus a few streaming apps

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