LG’s 2014 HDTV Prices Leaked

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The leaks are coming fast and furious here at HD Guru. Earlier this week we posted price info on Samsung’s new HDTVs and UHDTVs for 2014. Now we’ve received intelligence on pricing for LG’s 2014 HDTVs. WikiLeaks got nothing on us.

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The pricing info below includes listings for the company’s high-end LB7100 and LB7200 Series models, which include TruBlack Control. As noted in our pre-CES coverage of LG’s forthcoming HDTVs, this is a feature that combines local dimming with a High Dynamic Range algorithm to boost contrast. LG states the refresh rate for the LB7100/7200 Series as 240 Hz, though the MCI 960 Motion Clarity feature listed in the company’s specs indicates that additional fancy backlight scanning/processing is going on.

The LB6500 Series is LG’s entry-level, everyman LCD line, with screen sizes ranging from 42 up to 65 inches. No TruBlack Control on these babies, and LG states refresh rate as 120 Hz with “MCI 600 Motion Clarity.” (Not sure what’s happening there, but it’s obviously a step-down from MCI 960 Motion Clarity.)

No word yet on pricing for LG’s other forthcoming LCD HDTV line, the LB6500 Series, which are set apart from the LB6300 sets by the addition of passive 3D. We’ll update this article with that info as soon as it, too, leaks.

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LB7100/LB7200 Series

55LB7200 (55-inch) $1399.99

60LB7100 (60-inch) $1699.99

65LB7100 (65-inch) $2299.99

70LB7100 (70-inch) $2799.99


Full HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution / Resolution Upscaler / Triple XD Engine / MCI 960 Motion Clarity / TruBlack Control / Passive 3D with 2 Pairs of Glasses / Smart TV with Web Browser / Built-in Wi-Fi / LG Smart Share / Motion Detection Remote / 20W 2.1 Channel Speakers (24W on 55LB7200)

LB6300 Series

42LB6300 (42-inch): $649.99

47LB6300 (47-inch): $799.99

50LB6300 (50-inch): $899.99

55LB6300 (55-inch): $1099.99

60LB6300 (60-inch): $1399.99

65LB6300 (65-inch): $1699.99


Full HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution / Resolution Upscaler / Triple XD Engine / MCI 600 Motion Clarity / Smart TV with Web Browser / Built-in Wi-Fi / LG Smart Share / 3x HDMI / 3x USB 2.0 / Motion Detection Remote / 20W 2-Channel Speaker System

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  • Haris Tyrakis

    Hello, could you please state what is the major differences between 55LB7200 (55-inch) and 2013 models 55la8600 or 55la7400? 2014 models are based on webOS but what about the picture specs? I feel that 8600 or 7400 are better? Thanks in advance!!! Haris

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