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LG today revealed its entire 2013  line of Blu-ray players, Home Theater systems and Soundbars. Many models feature Internet connectivity that will turn any HDTV into a Smart TV with streaming services  including Netflix.

While 2012 was a flat sales year TV makers, the Soundbar category stood out as a hot product category. With HDTVs getting thinner every year, TV sound quality has declined to the level of the iPhone.  A  Soundbar or a Surround Sound Home Theater System is an must buy add-on  for any svelte hi def television.

We breakdown of the 2013 A/V products into Blu-ray players, Soundbars, Home Theater Systems, and Docking Stations/Portable speakers.

Blu-ray Players

LG received the 2013 CES Innovation Award for its new  flagship Blu-ray player the BP730. Features include Smart TV and 3D playback as well as UHD (3840x 2160) upconversion, (in case you decide to become an early adopter and upgrade your HDTV to Ultra HD). The BP730 also features an LG motion sensing Magic Remote for operation.

Its  dual-core processor handles the new “All-In-One” search function, collecting search results for Video-On-Demand content and apps and combining them within the on-screen browser. The 730 includes Near Field Communication (NFC) permitting the transfer of content from an NFC enabled cell phones to the player.

LG is offering a total of three Blu-ray players for 2013. The main features appear in the chart below.

LG  2013  Blu-Ray Players 680



LG expands its Soundbar offerings to four models. The top-of-the-line NC4530A features a slim profile just 1.38-Inches tall, with 2.1 channels, 310 watts of total power including its wireless subwoofer.

The NC5430A and the NB3730 provide HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) connectivity permitting a single HDMI cable from the TV to allow volume control from the TVs remote as well as permitting input switching from an ARC LG or other brand TV. To learn more about ARC, go to our article here.

The NB3730 includes Smart TV functionality permitting video-on-demand from Netflix and Hulu Plus as well as services from Pandora and YouTube via an Internet connection and subscription.

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 LG 2013 Home Theater 5 channel plus sub

Home Theater Systems

LG is introducing four new home theater systems. The BH9430W features Amramid fiber cones for low distortion and nine channels plus a wireless subwoofer. Total system power is rated at 1460 watts. Connectivity includes HDMI with ARC, optical digital, iPod/iPad, and Bluetooth. The BH9430 features slim tower main speakers, a 3D Blu-ray Player, Internet streaming with web browser, and Near Field Communication for easy transfer of content from NFC enabled cell phones.

New for 2013 is Private Sound Mode which allows audio to be streamed via Wi-Fi (sold separately) to headphones of earphones. It the 21st Century wireless version of the headphone jack.

The chart below lists the main features  the LG  Soundbars and Home Theater systems.

LG 2013 Soundbars and HTiB 680 v2


Docks and Portable Speakers

Rounding out LGs audio line for 2013 are a four sound docks and two portable speakers. The ND 8630 docking station supports iOS and Android mobile devices. With and 80 watt speaker it doubles as a charging station. The ND8630 supports Bluetooth and Apple’s AirPlay. It also features a groovy Mood Lamp lighting effect.

The NP6630 is LGs flagship portable speaker. This 20 watt models permits wireless streaming from a wide range of mobile devices supporting NFC, AirPlay and Bluetooth.

LG  2013  Portable Audio and Docks 680



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