Updated and Corrected 4:20 pm 1/6/12

LG announced today it will be introducing new HDTVs with Google functionality to two series of 3D HDTVs next week at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show. HD Guru dug up new exclusive details. These Smart 1080p HDTVs include LG’s film patterned retarder (FPR) passive 3D technology, a Magic Motion remote control with QWERTY keyboard and more. Read on for information you won’t find anywhere else.

Available as the LMG620 (pictured)  and LMG860 series in 47  and 55 inch screen sizes these highly styled  models offer  both Google and LGs Home Dashboard screens . In addition to a Google features and browser the LMG models provide Internet video streaming  from Netflix, Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus and Google apps only (no LG apps).

The  LMG’s Magic Motion remotes will be unique to this series. Besides the keyboard you will be able to control Internet and TV functionality with a wheel, motion and voice control.  Both models are LED edgelit. The 620 has a 120 Hz refresh. The step-up 860 model series adds an all glass front face for a bezel-less appearance and 120 Hz + scanning edge LEDs.

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Expect the 620 to be available in Q1 with the 860 arriving in Q2. Pricing is to be announced.


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