LG’s Dave Vanderwaal unveils an LG Signature W7 Wallpaper TV at CES 2017.

Fans of the latest 4K Ultra HD OLED TVs in Colorado might want to check out demonstrations of the LG Signature Series “Wallpaper TVs” coming to three ListenUp store locations November 14-16th.

The A/V specialty electronics/custom installer is working with LG to give interested videophiles a demonstration and explanation of one of the industry’s most talked-about televisions of the year.

The LG Signature W7 wallpaper TVs, which are available in 65 and 77-inch screen sizes, incorporate a 4mm thin, perfect-black OLED screen that displays over 1 billion colors, and an included soundbar that also houses the display’s circuitry and inputs.

The Picture-on-Wall design has a special bracket that allows the ultra-thin screen to attach to a wall with backing magnets, while a thin ribbon cable connects the display to the soundbar to make the picture blend in with the room décor, while hiding wires behind a wall or wall covering.

The LG W7 4K OLED TVs earned HD Guru’s highest grades of the year for picture performance.

Meanwhile, LG Display revealed at an OLED conference in Europe this week that it has big plans for the OLED format in TV applications over the next couple of years. The company offered up a roadmap showing screen sizes exceeding 80 inches with 8K resolution in 2019 and the arrival of the first rollable flexible screen OLED TVs in 2020.

Read more on the LG.Display OLED plans after the jump:

According to a report on CNET France Wednesday, LG Display showed its OLED product roadmap at the 2017 European OLED Day event, where it presented plans to add OLED TVs in 2020 with a long-awaited rollable screen form factor.

Meanwhile, in 2019, LG.Display’s roadmap indicated plans to debut an OLED TV panel 80-inches or larger with 8K resolution. This is 4x the resolution of 4K Ultra HD resolution, which is hard to see on smaller screen sizes at normal seating distances.

LG said it plans to ramp up production of OLED panels using its new 10.5-generation OLED factory in Paju, South Korea, which will support many of the latest OLED display configurations. LG.Display is currently the only manufacturer of OLED screens for the global television market and sells its panels for use in OLED TVs marketed in the U.S. by Sony and Bang & Olufsen, and in other countries around the world by Grundig, Metz, Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba, Konka, and others.

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LG also used the European event to show other OLED display approaches including flexible transparent screens and screens that can show images on both sides, for commercial and signage applications.

The company also indicated that starting in late 2019 it could make available screen sizes smaller than 55 inches, which is the smallest OLED TV sold in the United States today. Nearer term, the company is expected to introduce more in the way of its Wallpaper TVs, like the W7 series, and plans to add what it calls a “Crystal Sound” system, which is similar to Sony’s AcousticSurface technology used in the 2017 A1E 4K Ultra HD OLED TV. LG’s approach will integrate a pair of tiny speaker drivers right into the OLED panel making the entire display surface vibrate while sound appears to come directly from the screen.

Meanwhile, shoppers in the Colorado area can see the LG Wallpaper TV for themselves at the following ListenUp locations and times. Store and LG representatives will be on hand to answer questions and demonstrate the technology.

Tuesday, November 14, 5pm

BOULDER 303-444-0479

2034 Arapahoe Ave.


Wednesday, November 15, 5pm

DENVER 303-778-0780

685 South Pearl St.


Thursday, November 16, 5pm


888 E. Woodmen Rd.


By Greg Tarr


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