LG Electronics USA announced Monday night that it will announce at CES 2022 a pair of new design-centric “Lifestyle Series” TVs, which the company said have been conceived and developed for today’s evolving home uses.

The Lifestyle lineup was said to have been developed for “maximum versatility, stylish spatial integration and more convenient ways to get things done,” according the statement Monday.

Note that LG recently announced its employees and many of its products will not be traveling to Las Vegas for CES 2022. As of now, products are to be for the most part shown via virtual or augmented reality equipment from LG’s Central Hall LVCC booth starting Jan. 5th. The company will conduct a virtual press conference as scheduled at 8 am PT, Jan. 4th, where and when the new Lifestyle TVs are expected to be shown along with other products for 2022.

“LG’s Lifestyle TVs can help transform a home into an office, gym, gallery, workshop or entertainment center, all while elevating the décor and making everyday living more enjoyable,” the statement reads.

The line, which will be an aside to the company’s Signature Series that has been used in the past to showcase flagship OLED TVs, includes two models including the LG Objet TV (model 65Art90) and LG StanbyME (model 27Art10). Both are said to “eschew conventional display design to deliver new value and user experiences.”

If this sounds familiar, it might be because it is similar in both concept and name to rival Samsung’s very successful “Lifestyle” Series TVs that include” The Frame, Serif, Sero, Terrace and others.

LG said its Lifestyle Series models feature unusual “form factors and functionality” and are “intended to fit today’s multifunctional homes… where working, learning, entertaining and relaxing are all part of the daily mix.”

The LG Objet TV was designed to make a television that “resembles a canvas”, LG said, adding that this is intended to “blend seamlessly into any room with its minimalist style and subtle use of neutral colors bringing immediate sophistication and visual harmony to any indoor space.”

Among the set’s features is a moving cover that can hide the screen when it is not being viewed.

“LG Objet TV adapts to users’ different needs with the mere press of a button on the included LG Remote by raising or lowering a fabric cover as the viewer sees fit. Lower the cover to reveal the full extent of the screen for the maximum viewing experience or partially cover the display to only see a curated selection of lifestyle functions.”

LG Objet TV is based on a 65-inch “OLED evo” (high brightness WRGB) panel. It incorporates the company’s advanced picture and sound processing.

The premium TV also incorporates an 80W, 4.2-channel sound system that LG said is capable of delivering “a movie theater-like audio” experience.

Like LG’s 4K rollable OLED R television, the LG Objet TV also offers a Line View Mode to display graphic information like the time and date among other content.

“When set to Line View, the TV can help users stay on track throughout the week with Date & Clock, transform into a convenient audio player in Music setting, or display a collection of exclusive space and nature-themed images when set to Gallery,” according to the series launch announcement.

LG said the set is further distinguished through the use of an “interchangeable fabric cover”. This was developed in association with Danish textile innovator, Kvadrat, and includes three colors options – Kvadrat Beige, Kvadrat Redwood, Kvadrat Green. All were selected for their ability to match a wide color palette and blend in with a range of interior designs, LG said.

The company said installation was designed to be simple and can be positioned against a wall at a slight angle of up to 5 degrees, to maintain the look of an artwork canvas in a modern gallery. The TV features an in-cable frame system that makes it easy to connect external source components and keep an uncluttered clean look around the contemporary lines of the set.

The TV will also install flush to the wall for maximum integration into the living space, LG said.

The 65-inch LG 65ART90 reportedly will go on sale in South Korea later this month for approximately $8,500 U.S. dollars.

The LG StanbyME TV screen rotates between portrait and landscape orientation modes.

The second Lifestyle TV model, called The LG StanbyME (27Art10),is billed as “a one-of-a-kind entertainment center” offering a 27-inch wireless private screen with a built-in re-chargeable battery attached to a moveable stand. The stand features concealed wheels and accommodates a power charge for up to three hours of viewing time per charge.

LG StanbyME can be rolled from room to room and can be used to watch movies, TV shows and streaming video content or to engage in video conferencing and lectures with family and coworkers.

The LG StanbyME’s ergonomic design enables the screen to be swiveled, tilted and rotated between both landscape and portrait orientation modes. This is reminiscent of Samsung’s “Sero” Lifestyle Series TV featuring a 43-inch screen, but that model’s screen rotates via a motor and smart device app between portrait and landscape modes.

Height can be adjusted to the viewer’s seating position or usage scenario, providing optimal comfort, regardless of whether the viewer is lying in bed, cooking in the kitchen or lounging on the living room sofa, LG said.

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Mobile Screen Mirroring supports streaming content seamlessly from the latest Android and iOS smartphones and NFC mobile devices. LG includes a removable cradle so that viewers can place a phone on top of the LG StanbyME to create a fast, secure solution for taking video calls, engaging in online classes and streaming entertainment content. Users can also connect laptops or PCs to the screen via a wired (USB, HDMI) or wireless connection.

Intuitive control options include remote, touch and gesture recognition. Further, LG said the user interface designed specifically for this product “is unlike any TV UI and is tailored to the viewer’s personal viewing experience.”

“Like its Lifestyle TV sibling, LG StanbyME has an understated, modern design that complements a wide variety of décors. Featuring a rear cover clad in a textural fabric and finished in an exclusive Pure Beige color, the TV brings a warm and natural feeling to any space,” the launch statement continued. “When not being used as a TV, LG StanbyME can help set the mood by displaying beautiful artworks, photos or a calendar with clock.”

LG didn’t specify the flat panel display technology used for the 27-inch StanbyME model, although at 27-inches it is likely to be using a 720p or Full HD LCD panel. Pricing and availability for the product was not disclosed.

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By Greg Tarr

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