LG’s New SJ8T 2-Piece Sound bar

In addition to introducing select 2017 4K Ultra HD television lines with built-in Dolby Atmos surround sound support, the company unveiled a new 8-model sound bar lineup highlighted by its first model with the 3D 360-degree surround enhancement feature.

LG’s new product development director Tim Alessi said LG’s 2017 top-of-the-line sound bar, model SJ9, will include Dolby Atmos support using a full array of built-in speakers including front left and right, center, two side-firing speakers and two up-firing height channel speakers.

The sound from each speaker will reflect off walls, ceilings and windows to create a 3D surround sound effect.

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The SJ9 sound bar will include a separate floor positioned subwoofer. The bar portion measures 47.2 x 2.3 x 5.7 inches. Key features include lossless format support, Adaptive Sound Control, Hi Rez Audio compatibility with the ability to upsample sound files to 24 bits (192kHz/24-bit).

The SJ9 has 500 watts of total power and will pass through 4K Ultra HD video. It will also support Google Cast music content played through a wirelessly connected smartphone or tablet.

Connections will include HDMI and optical/Toslink, with TV sound sync. It will also connect to Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks as well as wireless Bluetooth devices.

The SJ8T is a 300 watt, 2-piece sound bar with 4.1-channel surround support and a 38mm Ultra slim design that complements LG TVs. The sound bar has channels on the base that fit over the feet of table-top stands on select LG TV models to make for a clean fit. Then for LG 2017 B7 and C7 OLED TV models, the TVs will come with a special bracket that will mount to the sound bar and the TV to make the speaker appear to be the TV stand. The speaker bar will also offer many of the other features of the SJ9, minus Dolby Atmos.

The SJ7 Sound Bar Flex is an unusual 2.1-channel 320-Watt model with a sound bar that splits into two separate speakers, one of which is powered by a rechargeable battery, and can be used as a separate portable Bluetooth speaker or as a rear-channel speaker bar for a home theater setup. A switch on the back of the speaker for “rear” will enable the speaker to remix the sound to deliver true rear-channel sound effects in the home theater set up.

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When the two halves are joined together the speakers can be used as a traditional sound bar setup, or when split in two, they both can be placed vertically at the left and right sides of a TV screen for a tower-speaker configuration. The system also includes a separate floor-positioned subwoofer.

The SJ6, positioned at the top of the mid-range sound bar class, is a 2.1-channel 320 Watt model with Google Cast and Hi Rez Audio support and 24-bit upsampling.

A couple sound bar models (SJ5 and SJ4) in 2017 will be compatible with LG’s new wireless surround speaker kit. The kit will include left and right rear channel speakers without the need to use front to back wired connections.

Other sound bar models in the 2017 line include: the SJ5 (2.1-channel, 320 Watts, 24-bit and wireless surround kit ready), SJ4 (2.1-channel, 300 Watts, 24-bit and wireless surround kit ready), SJ3 (2.1-channel, 300 Watts, wireless subwoofer) and SJ2 (2.1-channel, 160 Watts, compact wireless subwoofer).

By Greg Tarr


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