LG Electronics (LG) got an early start on 2016 by revealing plans for an expanded lineup of advanced sound bars and audio systems, which will be formally showcased at CES 2016 next month.

The new sound bars and compact audio systems are part of the LG Music Flow lineup of wireless smart audio and will go on sale in the first half of 2016 at prices to be announced later.

Music Flow is a wireless music system, which is controlled by mobile apps, that distributes music from the cloud as well as smartphones, tablets, network attached storage devices and PCs to Music Flow sound bars and active speakers throughout a house. Different speakers and sound bars are capable of playing different songs at the same time.

Three new sound bars (models SH8, SH7 and SH6) have been designed to enhance the home theater viewing experience with more immersive surround sound. LG will also introduce the company’s newest X-Boom audio systems, which have been developed with new features targeting loud clear music that is suitable for parties and large gatherings.

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The SH8 (pictured at top), SH7 and SH6 sound bars add a host of new features and connectivity options. They include one-button setup to connect automatically to a pair of active Music Flow tabletop speakers to create a wireless 5.1-channel home theater system.

Models SH8 and SH7 include wireless subwoofers that provide rich bass response to compliment the speaker’s audio output.

The SH6 includes six independent drivers and includes dual bass passive radiators that highlight low frequency tones. This is said to help the SH6 deliver powerful sound from a compact single-body speaker system without the need of a separate subwoofer. The SH7 and SH8 add wireless subs.

Each sound bar has a slim design that blends seamlessly with most home styles.

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Access to basic sound bar functions is available directly on LG TV remotes. The Bluetooth, GoogleCast and Auto Music Play capabilities of the sound bars offer a wide variety of content options from which to choose. GoogleCast enables compatible iOS and Android music-streaming apps to send content to Music Flow speakers and sound bars. Songs are streamed from the Cloud without interruption from incoming calls and messages. Music Flow products also support wireless transmission of high-resolution 192kHz/24-bit music.

The Music Flow sound bars support both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and combine for what LG calls BT-Fi, which automatically switches the connectivity method between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi based on the content source, so that users won’t have manually switch connectivity when playing music from different content partners.
The new Adaptive Sound Control (ASC) feature automatically changes sound settings for various content or media types to provide the optimal fidelity.

LGX-Boom_CM9960New X-Boom audio systems will include: two LG X-Boom solo models (OM7560 and OM5560) and the CM9960 (pictured above). The so-called “total entertainment solutions,” are designed to deliver powerful sound and wireless connectivity to access a wide range of content options.

Models OM7560 and OM5560 enclose entire audio systems in a single unit within the speaker, offering a compact package capable of outputting big sound for parties and gatherings.

All three models include a Sampler Creator feature that will allow recording any sound on a smartphone and wirelessly beam it to the X-Boom system. The recording can then be added to a digital soundboard for DJs to select.

A Party Thruster lever will produce multicolored light shows in sync with the audio output.

By Greg Tarr

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