LG Electronics will unveil at the upcoming IFA 2016 electronics show in Berlin, three new UltraWide LED LCD monitors which are slated to hit store shelves in the United States this fall.

LG said Monday night that each monitor has a 21:9 UltraWide screen with wide viewing angles, vivid color rendering and enhanced user convenience. Screen sizes will include one 38-inch curved-screen model, one 34-inch flat-screen model and one 34-inch curved-screen model.

Highlighting the group will be the 38-inch 38UC99 UltraWide Curved Monitor, which will include an LCD In-Plane Switch (IPS) screen with 3840×1600 pixel resolution (Quad HD+ resolution) and a wide color gamut.

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The 38-inch UltraWide 21:9 monitor, which will carry a $1,499 suggested retail when its hits retail shelves in mid-September, is said to cover 99 percent of the sRGB color space.

Connectors on the 38UC99 will include the latest USB Type-C port that allows transferring data between connected devices and charging connected portable devices, like smartphone or tables.

Other features in the 38-inch monitor include: two 10W built-in Bluetooth compatible speakers, with a rich bass audio output in the 85Hz range, LG said.

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The 34UM79G, which will carry a $599 suggested retail price when it becomes available in mid-November, is a 34-inch UltraWide 21:9 Flat Monitor with built-in Google Cast streaming capability. The system features an IPS LED LCD screen and allows playing streaming movies, music and TV shows on a smartphone or tablet and “casting” the image to the monitor for playback on the larger screen.

The monitor features LG’s Cinema Screen design distinguished by borderless screen for a more immersive viewing experience.

Multitasking is also made easier using a Split Screen 2.0 feature, which offers 14 preset layouts that can be resized to the user’s preference.

The 34-inch 34UC79G, which will carry a $699 suggested retail price when it hits stores in mid-October, is a 34-inch curved screen gaming monitor with a 144Hz IPS 21:9 curved UltraWide screen designed to be used as an extreme gaming monitor.

LG is calling the display “the world’s first 144Hz IPS 21:9 Curved UltraWide gaming monitor.” It combines a very fast refresh rate with advanced one millisecond Motion Blur Reduction system for enhanced visibility playing fast-action video games.

Other features include a Black Stabilizer, which provides extra clear contrast that enables seeing details in darker objects and areas of the picture. It also includes: Dynamic Action Sync, which reduces input lag for fast-paced gameplay without delays.

The addition of AMD FreeSync enables stutter-free, smooth-motion gameplay without screen tearing.

By Greg Tarr


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