Europe’s huge consumer technology trade show IFA starts Sept. 1, 2017 in Berlin, Germany and already LG Electronics is pre-announcing key new home theater technologies slated to debut at the affair.

On Monday, LG revealed that it will unveil two compact high-performance video projectors including the LG ProBeam UST (Ultra Short-Throw) laser projector, model HF85JA, and the company’s MiniBeam, model PH30JG, which will join its growing assortment of home projectors based on efficient and long-lasting LED or laser light engine technologies.

Both projectors are based on single-chip DLP digital micromirror display technology.

LG did not disclose pricing or availability timing for either projector, but both were positioned as affordable home entertainment solutions.

LG, which declared its brand has ranked No. 1 in LED projector market share for six consecutive years, said its decision to further advance its projector offerings is influenced by category growth projections of industry dollar volume attaining $5.7 billion in three years.

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The LG ProBeam UST has Full HD (1080p) resolution and is designed for ultra-short throw placement applications that allow easy setup without compromising the living space in the theater room. LG pointed out that ultra-short-throw projectors also help to eliminate a jumble of wires.

The ProBeam UST only requires 12cm (4.75 inches) of space between the projector and the wall or screen to cast up to a 100-inch image. LG said the UST projector doesn’t require its own stand. Users can simply place the unit on existing furniture to get a huge screen experience without the bother of viewers casting shadows on the screen when they get up and walk in front of the lens.

The HF85JA offers a bright 1,500 ANSI lumens of light output, which LG said is 1.5 times brighter than its previous UST projector model. The company said the new Pro Beam model also produce a 150,000:1 contrast ratio covering a wide range of light from dark blacks to bright whites.

The projector’s laser light engine is also estimated to have up to a 20,000 hour lifespan, which far exceeds the life of typical UHP bulbs. LG said an I-shaped laser engine also gives the unit a slim and sleek profile.

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Other features in the ultra-short-throw projector include: connection options for use with a range of wireless speakers or headphones. In addition, a four-corner keystone feature corrects both horizontal and vertical distortion of the picture allowing users to maximize their placement options.

LG said the ProBeam UST comes with its acclaimed webOS Smart TV platform built-in, which gives users convenient access to a wide range of streaming video services and an easy and intuitive interface that helps them quickly find movies and television shows of interest.

Meanwhile, the new LG MiniBeam is a portable projector which also is said to have been designed for ease of use. The PH30JG MiniBeam offers HD resolution and features a built-in battery that holds a charge good for up to fours of playing time per charge. Without a cord to worry about, LG said the MiniBeam is the perfect projector for anyone who wants to take their movie parties outdoors on the patio, deck or poolside. Battery power will enable watching a big-screen double feature almost anywhere.

The PH30JG MiniBeam features Multi-Angle projection that enables the device to be tilted up to 70 degrees to display an image high on a wall or even on the ceiling without the use of a tripod, LG said.

The LG MiniBeam includes a range of connections including a USB Type-C port to easily connect with the latest smartphones and tablets to mirror movies from the mobile device screen onto the projected big screen. The USB Type-C port will also accept power input to charge the internal 9000mAh battery with a single cable.

The MiniBeam can send an audio signal to any other Bluetooth-enabled device – wireless speaker, smartphone or a car audio system, LG said.

By Greg Tarr


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