LG Electronics said it is preparing the global rollout of the first “LG QNED Mini LED Televisions,” beginning this month.

This year, the company is offering in the series its first miniLED backlight technology enhanced with a hybrid of color filters based on both its own NanoCell technology from previous years in combination for the first time with quantum dots that afford greater color volume.

LG is using the term QNED to denote “Quantum NanoCell Emitting Diode,” although other display industry companies have previously used QNED to denote Quantum Nano Emitting Diode technology as a reference to another potentially forthcoming technology using self-emitting quantum dots to present pixel level brightness control, like OLED TVs.

LG’s QNED Mini LED technology is said to produce images with deeper blacks, more accurate color reproduction and greater contrast and brightness than prior NanoCell TV series, but lacking the pixel-level brightness control of its OLED TVs, which the company positions as a step up from the new QNED MiniLED LCD TVs.

The 2021 QNED MiniLED LCD TV lineup includes a pair of series in the U.S., including the 8K QNED99 and 4K QNED90 series. Screen sizes start at 65 inches and range up to 75 and 86 inches.

The new LG QNED Mini LED LCD TV models will have native refresh rate IPS panels of 120Hz and “render motion smoothly and more naturally.”

Some model series will have picture processing driven by a new Alpha 9 Gen 4 and Alpha 7 Gen 4 with Dolby Vision AI processing chips for better brightness, black reproduction and sound.

This year’s models will support: Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos IQ, Game Optimizer, variable refresh rate (VRR)/FreeSync, ALLM, eARC, HGiG, GoogleStadia gaming, and Twitch. Smart TV support uses the updated webOS 6.0 OS platform with ThinQ AI and the redesigned Magic Remote. All models will also continue to support the HDR10 and HLG HDR profiles.

LG said its 2021 QNED lineup has been verified by the international product testing agency Intertek to deliver 100 percent color volume and color consistency. Quantum dots are microscopic particles of heavy metals that give off a range of colors with up to 100% color volume when excited by photons, typically from backlit sources.

LG said the QNED Mini LED TVs also eliminate color distortion across a wide viewing angle.

LG QNED Mini LED TV backlights uses smaller more densely packed LEDs compared to other similarly-sized LED-LCD TV screens. This increases brightness and brings greater dimming control through more localized zones for more realistic shadow detail.

LG said the 86-inch 8K TV (model 86QNED99UPA) will offer 30,000 LED lights arranged to create about 2,500 local dimming zones. The company said this will deliver a 10 times better contrast ratio than conventional LCD TVs.

“Deeper blacks and greater details within dark areas create a heightened sense of depth that makes images seem more realistic,” the company’s launch statement said.

The LG QNED Mini LED Television series will make up LG’s 2021 top-of-the-line LCD TVs.

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LG QNED Mini LED TVs also have received Eco-Product certification from SGS Société Générale de Surveillance SA of Switzerland. This certifies the displays comply with low environmental impact standards including recyclability.

“LG QNED Mini LED TV represents an evolutionary leap forward, leveraging LG’s unique color reproduction technology and mini LED backlighting to achieve the pinnacle of LCD picture quality,” said Park Hyoung-sei, president of the LG Home Entertainment Company. “Our newest lineup is testament to LG’s technological leadership in the premium TV market made possible by continuously improving and refining our innovative OLED and QNED Mini LED TVs.”

LG QNED Mini LED TV will initially be available in North America followed by additional regions around the world in the weeks ahead. Pricing and specific model detail were not yet announced. Check the provide links below for the latest available prices.

LG 4K QNED90 Series

Features 4K UHD resolution, miniLED backlighting, Dolby Vision IQ, Game Optimizer, Filmmaker Mode, 120Hz IPS panel, Alpha 7 Gen 4 processor, 4 HDMI inputs including 2 HDMI 2.1, ALLM, FreeSync, HFR, eARC and WebOS 6.0 with Alexa, Google Assistant, AirPlay 2 and Homekit support.

LG 65QNED90UPA 4K miniLED TV, $1,999 UPP

LG 75QNED90UPA 4K miniLED TV, $2999 UPP

LG 86QNED90UPA 4K miniLED TV, $3999 UPP

LG 8K QNED99 Series

Features 8K UHD resolution, miniLED backlighting, Dolby Vision IQ, Game Optimizer, Filmmaker Mode, 120Hz IPS panel, Alpha 9 Gen 4 processor, 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs, ALLM, HFR, eARC and WebOS 6.0 with Alexa, Google Assistant, AirPlay 2 and Homekit support.

LG 65QNED99UPA 8K miniLED TV, $3,499 UPP

LG 75QNED99UPA 8K miniLED TV, $4,799 UPP

LG 86QNED99UPA 8K miniLED TV, $6,499 UPP

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By Greg Tarr

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