LG Switching To A “One Price” On-Line Policy for HDTV, Blu-ray Players and More

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LG will be instituting a “UPP” (Unilateral Pricing Policy) program that will end discounting on its mid to high-end LED LCD and plasma HDTV models, Blu-ray players, home theater systems and iPod docks. This move follows the implementation of a UPP by Samsung and Sony. The LG program has a major difference: Unlike competitor’s UPP policies which cover both online and brick and mortar dealers, LGs program only affects on-line sales, tilting the playing field in favor of Best Buy and other stores against online dealers like Amazon.

We have obtained the list of models and details of the program you won’t find anywhere else. Click through to learn which are affected and how you can get the best deals.

Since Sony and Samsung instituted their respective UPP programs, you can only obtain a discount price when these TV makers offers dealer incentives such as “instant rebates” on affected model series (HD Guru publishes the best deals several times a month).

Beginning on Oct 1, 2012 LG’s on-line authorized dealers will be prohibited from offering affected models at prices below the UPP price. Violations range from a warning letter, to a temporary halt of shipments of the discounted model, to a permanent halt of shipments of the UPP model that were offered for sale or sold below UPP price.

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The HDTVs and Blu-ray players, Sound Bars, home theater systems and iPod docks that fall under the program are as follows:


84-Inch 84LM9600
65-Inch 65LM6200
60-Inch 60LS5700
55-Inch 55LM9600 , 55LM8600, 55LM7600, 55LM6200
47-Inch 47LM8600 , 47LM7600 , 47LM6700 , 47G2 , 47LM6200 , 47LS5700
42-Inch 42LM6200, 42LS5700

Plasma HDTV

60-Inch 60PM9700, 60PM6700,
50-Inch 50PM9700, 50PM6700, 50PM4700
42-Inch 42PM4700

Blu-ray Players

BP620 ,BP520

Home Theater Systems

BH9420PW , BH9220BW


NB3520A ,NB2520A,

iPod Docks

ND5520, ND 8520


What You Can Do To Get The Best Price

If the UPP pricing established by Samsung and Sony are an indication, you may expect LG affected model prices to rise. Currently many of the these LG models are at some of the lowest prices of the year with discounts up to 50% off retail. Check out the latest weekly specials here. If you are considering a new LG HDTV now is a good time buy.

After September 30th, you will need to compare the brick and mortar store price against the online price. We expect many retailers to raise prices up to the UPP price levels. However, you can haggle with many brick and mortar TV sellers. To learn how to get the best deal, read our Getting the best HDTV price article.


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  • JC

    I think UPP pricing is a good idea. Consumers end up paying a bit more in the long run, but it may force retailers to offer better service rather than competing on price alone. With the way HDTV pricing has been going on non-UPP products, it often doesn’t make good business sense for the retailer to even sell you a TV; what’s the point of selling you a TV at the lowest possible price to 1) lose money on the sale 2) break even, or 3) make between $40-$100 on a $1,500 item? The race-to-the-bottom pricing war on TVs has been good for the consumer, but bad for the retailer, bad for the manufacturer, and is at least in part responsible for the decline in quality control and lack of selection at the high-end.

  • Chuck Daly

    For full disclosure, I am an AV retailer/installer.
    Go back to 2005. There were almost twice as many flat panel manufacturers than today. Consumers are gaining pricing advantages at the cost of choice. Its not a wild idea to imagine a marketplace with 2 1st tier HDTV brands, a few tier 2 brands, then the rest tier 3 brands. Variety is ultimately what consumers want, as it inherently fosters price competition. Oddly enough, UPPs might actually help this along.

  • Dallas Dave

    I remember many years ago when Magnavox dictated the prices dealers had to use to sell TV’s. The Feds ultimately found their pricing schemes illegal. That and other company’s pricing practices lead to the MSRP Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price used today.

  • Jack Mabry

    Stop buying these products until they rescind such a practice. Remember, without you, they have no company!

  • C. Jankowski

    Does not these practices constitute price fixing?

    No. The courts have upheld it. Price fixing relies on collusion. The U in UPP is “unilateral” meaning one party sets the prices.

    HD Guru

  • Dave

    The merits of UPP get debated endlessly. It certainly is not good for consumers who shop around for the best price on specific product models. I point your readers to a well balanced review of this issue from the Wichita Eagle Newspaper:


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